PALGN: Ridge Racer 3D Review

PALGN writes: "With seven official iterations of the series, numerous handheld incarnations, and a perhaps less than flattering meme spawned by Kaz Hirai, Ridge Racer is a bit of a gaming legend. With drift-oriented gameplay that focuses more on arcade thrills than realistic simulation, the Ridge Racer games can be a little bit of a love-them or hate-them affair. After launching the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PSP, Ridge Racer 3D has arrived to break the proverbial bottle on the 3DS' bow, and while it won't change anyone's feelings on the series, it does provide a satisfying handheld experience".

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meganick2801d ago

I've been enjoying Ridge Racer 3D so far. I wish the graphics were better, but it's fun, and it shows off the system's 3D capability nicely.