Disney’s Epic Mickey reduced (ships free too!); Collector’s Edition only 2 bucks more!

Conflicting Gamers - "Yet another entry in the “Love It or Hate It” category, Disney’s Epic Mickey was a bundle of controversy almost out of the gate. Many praised its art-style, engaging story, and presentation. Others felt the wonderful concept was hampered by occasionally awkward mechanics, overly linear gameplay, and a camera possessed by the Devil himself.

The general consensus was that this title, with its mix of excellent story-telling combined with retro-cool classic Disney scenes, just wasn’t worth the full asking price.

Is it worth taking for a spin at 40% off? Many more would be willing to find out first hand at that price..."

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badz1492796d ago

will it come to the PS3? if yeas, WHEN? this is the only game on Wii that I'm interested in tbh! maybe SMG too but that's definitely not coming so...please make at least this happen!