IL-2 Sturmovik Cliffs of Dover US Steam Release Pushed Back to 24th May

Originally slated to go on sale in the US on the 19th April (next Tuesday), IL-2 Sturmovik Cliffs of Dover is now due to be released on Steam on the 24th of May - over a full month after the initial release date.

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Revvin2795d ago

Luckily I have my copy as I live in the UK but I've read a lot of US IL-2 fans are buying their copies from a UK company called Just Flight ( and then registering the key on Steam which allows them to download the game.

bumnut2795d ago

Its been pushed back for a reason, it is too buggy to release. Not sure how having it early makes you lucky, you are paying to be a beta tester..... just like me :(

WarPonyDestroyer2795d ago

Heard the online netcode need serious work.

simulationworld2795d ago

It's a fantastic game that sadly was pushed out too soon. Hopefully the extra month will get it ready for the US release but yes, some of the code does need some serious work.