inFamous 2 - A game threatening to cut my PC Gaming roots.

Gaming Irresponsibly's Frank Moricz has always been a PC gamer. inFamous 2 may change that fact.

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Battlefield 3, The Witcher 2 and Metro 2034 on pc will change your mind.

fluffydelusions2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

All those games will be also be going to console. But yeah I know what you are getting at.

Pixel_Pusher2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

"In the end, it doesn’t matter what type of system you are having fun on, as long as you are entertained."

Very true. And I give the author his props for saying that he'll judge the game without bias.

Menech2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )


Things would go a lot better here if a self proclaimed PS3 "Fangirl" didn't comment on other platforms.

LOGICWINS2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

@Warprincess- People still play PC games because it has its hardware is CONSTANTLY GETTING BETTER as opposed to consoles that aren't upgradable. The PC has the ability to play most if not all games in 1080p AND the ability to produce up to 8x the anti-aliasing as any console game.

Headquarters112771d ago

Not gonna spend $600+ just to play games at a higher frame rate. No thanks.

Rumor2771d ago

not taking anything away from i2( im freaking getting it day 1!) but multiple ps3 games shouldve did this: uncharted 2, god of war 3, mgs4

evrfighter2771d ago

stop feeding the trolls people.

young juice2771d ago

ok, then spend 600 bucks to get cheaper games, higher framerate, better graphics, mods(i dont even f*ckz wit xbawks l4d), better community (no prepubescent children screaming in your ear), and alot more games that are only available on pc.

goku323592771d ago

What!? The witcher 2 Is coming to consoles?!

stevenhiggster2771d ago

Seriously though, whats wrong with playing on PC and consoles?
I know I do, PC for multiplats and PC exclusives. PS3 for PS3 and console exclusives.

Agent-862771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

@stevenhiggster, stop, you're making too much sense. Sarcasm aside, you're right on and I have been a combo PC/PS3 gamer for almost 2 years now. I do my FPS/RTS games plus most multiplats on PC because I prefer PC controls and the higher resolution/graphic settings that the PC offers. The PS3 covers the console only games like Red Dead Redemption and the fine lineup of Sony exclusives. This year, for example, I'm looking forward to inFamous 2, Uncharted 3 and Twisted Metal for the PS3 while also spending a lot of time playing BF3 and Shogun 2 on PC. Yep, PC plus a PS3 equals a great gaming combo.

Equinoxe_72770d ago


Why do you think every gamer have so much money, i prefer playing games, than buying expensive equipment.

syanara2770d ago

@Agent 86

I am a PC PS3 combo guy too and to be honest I would like to play more PC games but I am just so addicted to my trophies, hell I just got 5 platinums in the past 3 weeks. otherwise yea there is a lot of games I have bought twice so I can play PC and get the trophies too!

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blitz0x2771d ago

Actually have the Witcher 2 pre-ordered on steam already. :)

il-mouzer2770d ago

mine has been pre-ordered since it was available... I cry at bed every night because it's not may yet

Christopher2770d ago

FYI, Witcher 2 on, a site run by the people who develop the game, is a better deal. It's also completely DRM free there.

Though, completely understand if you do Steam for any possible achievements it may have.

Rage_S902771d ago

you obviously didn't read the article......hint its not about abandoning pc gaming

cozmo1952771d ago ShowReplies(1)
undercovrr2771d ago

No it won't because at least 2 of those games will be coming to consoles.

Statix2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

Are you one of those still holding your breath for that inevitable PC port of Red Dead Redemption?

starchild2771d ago

If one good game could cut your PC roots, that's just sad.

There are occasional great exclusives on the consoles, but the PC has its own great exclusives as well as the best versions of multi-platform games.

I will always play some console games, but nothing will ever take me away from PC gaming.

Equinoxe_72770d ago

PC roots, your must be joking, people can play on what they like.

xTruthx2770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

Equinoxe_7, pc games are cheaper and you actually end up paying more with console in the long run. Download steam so you can see what I mean.

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fluffydelusions2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

You can game on both PC and PS3 FYI. I do it. The universe won't implode or anything...

Agent-862771d ago

Ya, I really don't understand the point of the article. I'm also a PC gamer, but I bought a PS3 when the Slim came out with the price reduction. I got it so I wouldn't miss out on console only games like RDR plus Sony's fine lineup of exclusives. The PS3 and a gaming PC make a great gaming combo.

Sarcasm2771d ago

Yup that's what I do. Despite having a good PC, I don't see why a person couldn't just enjoy both??? Infamous 2 looks amazing and that's on 4 year old hardware. Gameplay gameplay gameplay.

Valk2770d ago

4 Year old Hardware? What console launched 2 years ago dude? Oh you are one of those that actually thinks PS3/360 hardware was made just weeks before they launched? LOL try more like 7 year old hardware.

xTruthx2770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

you really don't know the ps3 specs huh, vram and cell architecture where not available 7 years ago.

Christopher2770d ago

@Valk: All hardware is dated the day it's first released. A new GPU is as old as the first day it goes on sale, the same with consoles, smart phones, TVs, etc.

Sarcasm2770d ago

If you say 7 years old, then it's even more impressive.

What are you getting at?

My point is that they're doing amazing things despite aging hardware. And what's amazing is the gameplay, not just graphics.

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telekineticmantis2771d ago

All systems have their good features

BeastlyRig2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

Why would I leave BF3 PC for inFamous 2?

console gamers wouldn't even do that!

At least say uncharted 3 or something!!

Plus I have to play RO2!!

64 players & innovation for the win!!




plus the best looking rpg ever!!


plus creation mod tools for skyrim confirmed!


Star Wars the old republic & guild wars 2!

plus Dota 2 - Valve!

plys Shogun 2,

TrackMiania 2 -

Black Prophecy

for infamous?

plus cheaper games!

For infamous?
ok Im fine with that have a ball then!

telekineticmantis2771d ago

and some people play shooters, maybe he wants to game.

palaeomerus2770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

At it's heart inFamous is a 3rd person shooter. It's different than say gear of War 3, and obviously the climbing is interesting but about 85% of what you do in that game is shoot little bolts at little dudes. That's not ALL you d, but it's about 85% of what you do.

The other 15% is climbing, platforming, skating on power lines or train riding, hitting switches, pulling power out of stuff like air conditioners,deflecting incoming projectiles, boss battles, shard hunting, melee, area effects, draining life or healing wounded, and boss battles.

GodofSackboy2770d ago

Omg shut up with your constant PC trolling, i thought you PC guys were mature, hes saying its a great game which it is

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