GamePro: WTF's Up with You Guys and Mortal Kombat

GamePro writes: "Plenty of gamers still love the series that defined gore in the 90s, but there are plenty of others who don't think it even has the right to be called a fighting game. With the updated remake on the way, we ask WTF is up with Mortal Kombat".

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TurismoGTR2799d ago

Mortal Kombat > Street Fighter

MaxXAttaxX2799d ago (Edited 2799d ago )

The new Mortal Kombat did a better job as a sequel than SF4. So in a way, I agree.

But overall, every other SF game before it(excluding 1) is better in my opinion.

KwietStorm2799d ago

This new MK feels more like a throwback (which is the best thing they could have done) than a sequel. Could you explain that first sentence more in depth?

aCasualGamer2798d ago

Mortal Kombat is better than Street Fighter imo.

Mortal Kombat = Fun and coherent.

Street Fighter = Too technical and cartoonish.

When you bring over friends who never touched a controller in their lives, they have an easier playthrough with Mortal Kombat but Street Fighter is usually too technical with all the half circle analogue buttons. This is very important because when you stop thinking about the fun and start concentrating on the technical aspect then it bores the hell out of whoever it is you bring over for a gamenight.

Giru0172798d ago (Edited 2798d ago )

I know what you mean... SF:III (vanilla, 2nd impact and 3rd Strike) was a good sequel to SF:II, but it was clearly only aimed at 1 niche of the gaming community: The Hardcore arcade player. MK had it's ups and downs, with most games post-UMK3 not being to my liking, but at least it took chances instead of recycling the same formula as Capcom has been doing for ages.

Don't get me wrong, I love capcom and I do happen to be a hardcore Fighting Game player, but it's nice to see a game were my non-community friends won't be intimidated to pick up a controller and brawl it out. The article sums it up pretty well, the other fighters feel sterile. Hell, last night I was re-watching the critical finishers from Soul Calibur 4... I ask you to see them and tell me their NOT missing blood/gore!!

Edit: Pretty much what aCasualGamer said. I still enjoy duking it out in KoF (my favorite fighting game series, '98 and '02) , Guilty Gear AC+, BlazBlue:CS, SSF:IV, etc... but sometimes I just wanna have fun, not have to think about invincibility frames, hitboxes, cancels, etc... MK may be dumb fun, but DAMN it is fun! :D

chidori6662799d ago

king of fighters too is better than street fighter...

Peaceful_Jelly2799d ago

turtling in SFIV is like campers in COD. I hate that but I hate the new art style the most. Character models look so wrong with that many muscles, C Viper is actually the only character that looks like a human being in that game.

I agree that KOF is better but its servers are really laggy. SNK is too cheap to give us good netcode so, the only options to experience fighting games online (if u don't have a 30mb connection of course) are Capcom games and Blazblue (this one is still laggy but a million times better than any SNK game to date). KOF XII was garbage though. =/

Giru0172798d ago

Yeah, I miss the old KoF's... 98 had a simplistic charm to it; C f+A *special or DM/SDM* was pretty much every character's bread and butter combo and not unlike MK, it had a large, likable and memorable roster to it and a overlaying story which, while not important, made me care about the characters... While Evil Ryu never existed in cannon and is simply there for thrills, KoF had RotB Iori/Leona, O.Yashio/Shermie/Chris etc which played like different charactes, had their own sprites and actually existed in the story...

Sure, the NEST are was kind of a mess due to the whole eolith thing (and what followed was, IMHO, garbage) but the Orochi saga still stands as one of the best stories in any fighting game to date.

KwietStorm2799d ago

Wow 21 agrees vs 8 disagrees. If Mortal Kombat didn't have the blood, gore, and fatalities, it wouldn't be much of anything. As far as being a fighter, the game is very shallow. It just has some "cool" factor that draws people in. I'll take Street Fighter over MK without even giving it a thought.

Awookie2799d ago

Gotta love Street Fighter elitists.

KwietStorm2798d ago (Edited 2798d ago )


Having an opinion makes you an elitist now? We're talking about 2 games in a pool of many. God how I love this society...

It's not even like I'm lying, so I don't know what the disagrees are for. As a fighter, Mortal Kombat is nowhere near as technical as Street Fighter. That doesn't mean Mortal Kombat isn't worth playing. It's just shallow when compared to fighters like Street Fighter, King of Fighters, etc. Strip away the blood and what do you have left?

Mr Tretton2799d ago

WTF is up with Gamepro

Anyway, what's up? Fun. That's what's up. You don't like it, GTFO/STFU, and go play what you want. Good day.

Spitfire_Riggz2799d ago

Same reason I sometimes prefer to play pokemon crystal on my gameboy color than something on my PS3. Its all about fun.

Rocket Sauce2799d ago

You didn't read the article.

CobraKai2799d ago

I loved the original MK, but it wasn't technically a "good game". Fun absolutely, but it wasn't a good game till MK2. Judging from the demo, this new one seems to be the best MK since 2 and that is a looooong time for a great MK game.

Dart892799d ago

I can careless what you think i'm happy MK is going back to it's original roots.

snaz272799d ago

So you're saying that you do care? As you CAN care less? So confused. . .

im-12-years-old2799d ago

"I can careless"

Wait.... What?

Dart892798d ago

Sorry man typo i meant care less much better??

RangerSequoia2799d ago

People can like what they want. There are too many people in the world that need to get that into their heads.

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