1UP: Patapon 3 Review

1UP writes: "Patapon 3 starts with the annoying buzz of an amp being plugged in, as if some godawful garage band was about to rock out. Which is precisely what happens during the elaborately rendered cutscene that follows. Two things I didn't previously associate with Patapon were electric guitars and cutscenes. But that's how Patapon 3 opens, once you've manually paged through each of the 11 pages of the Online User Agreement. You'll be doing this every time you want to play Patapon 3".

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Close_Second2796d ago

Seems like a case of one too many times to the well for such a simple game.

schlanz2796d ago

God. How utterly disappointing this sounds. I'll still force myself to check it out since I adored the first two games.