Mortal Kombat - New cinematic trailer

Eurogamer published a new amazing trailer from Mortal Kombat showing some fatalities in CG. Enjoy.

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Warprincess1162801d ago

Why in every trailer, sub-zero always getting beat up by scorpion. I think the MK team is a little biased towards Sub-zero.

LOGICWINS2801d ago (Edited 2801d ago )

Not only that, but he even gets his ass kicked in the main menu screen of the game as well lol.

rezzah2800d ago

Yea, I dislike that a lot. Especially since he's my favorite character.

But of the two Scorpion is more known to the public. I guess you can think of it as marketing or something. People wana see what they wana see.

Captain Qwark 92800d ago

and i agree ermac is actually my fav but next to him sub is my second fav ninja and he is always gettin his ass handed to him in everything, hell even the bookends of the collectors edition have a spear through his heart

Mandaspt2801d ago

Is this the ultimate game? Amazing trailer.

Captain Qwark 92800d ago

yes yes and yes, i have played the demo hundreds of times with my buddy lol i absolutely cannot wait for the final game

El-Fenemeno12132801d ago

Guessing that this is the opening cinematic to the game. Oh, and that shit was awesome XO

mafiahajeri2800d ago

No I got the game yesterday and there is no opening cinematic sadly this should have been it. But other than that the games amazing its jam packed with stuff the 300 challenge tower is really fun, the online is pretty good.

I mean theres only like 30 people online but I have crap net and games were pretty smooth BUT with that being said when the flood gates open on the 19th I m afraid the servers will crash. King of the hill is great love how you can choose your on avatar. And oh yeah master how to play smoke and youll kick ass hes one overpowered mofo...

Quagmire2800d ago

I thought there were hours worth of videos? How the heck could that have not been the Opening Cinematic?!

Captain Qwark 92800d ago


there are many videos and there is an opening video to the story mode which is sweet btw, but i think he means there is no opening video before the menu screen

zeal0us2801d ago

shao khan got a little raiden juice on his mouth , thx for the vid

Quagmire2800d ago

Wow, that def beats GOW. The gore in GOW wasnt as believable as MK imo.

mafiahajeri2800d ago

youve got to be kidding? you see what he did to people in GOW 3!!!!! hercules ring a bell!? or how about posiedon that poor bastard? lol