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"Solid RPG games have become rather scarce over the past few years. Last year, when Larian Studios released Divinity II: Ego Draconis, many gamers were disappointed by its glitches, poor graphics and bugs, but were pleased by its old-school RPG gameplay. With the game receiving such bad reception, Larian Studios decided to remaster the game and pack it with a single player expansion under the new title Divinity II: Dragon Knight Saga. In North America, the game was picked up by Atlus, publisher of blockbuster RPG hits such as Persona." - JPS

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alcapwn1802771d ago

I played this the first time around and I can tell you that it is much more playable than the first time. Atlus definitely helped them get some funding on working on the engine and fixing a lot of complaints people have and have improved this game a lot. Everything feels a lot more smooth. Plus, the addition of the Expansion pack, art book and CD make this well worth 40 bucks for basically 2 whole games.

CherryLu-Chan2770d ago

Try the demo on XboxLive.
Absolutely fantastic stuff. :)

Sexius Maximus2770d ago

I needed an open world RPG, so I picked it up blindly. "Hell, it's only $39" I thought. I agree completely; this is absolutely fantastic stuff. It has some of the best music I've heard this whole gen too, which makes coming with the soundtrack that much cooler. Great game folks.

CherryLu-Chan2770d ago

Line I giggled at the most ..
"Bl**dy perverts! F*nny is a perfectly respectable name!"

TheDivine2770d ago

Best rpg since demons souls. I loved this game soooo much. I played the buggy first version and even loved that. It has soul and charm, the stuff oblivion was missing. If you have a 360 grab this game its amazing.