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Submitted by Dark_Charizard 1687d ago | rumor

Pikmin 3 Coming to Project Cafe. Nintendo Talking with Rockstar Games

Gameolosophy: There is a lot of rumours being thrown around about the Wii, and some people I know who work close with Nintendo have been dropping me some rumours. Even though I trust these people since they’ve been right on many past rumors (a 3D DS, Donkey Kong Country Returns, etc), please understand everything below is a rumour and should be taken with a grain of salt. (3DS, Dev, GameCube, Next-Gen, Nintendo DS, Pikmin 3, Rockstar Games, Wii)

Hard to tell
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NYC_Gamer  +   1688d ago
they better talk with all the major 3rd party studios not just rockstar
Dark_Charizard  +   1687d ago
I hope this is fake. In fact, I hope all the rumors are fake!
Nintendo should just release brand new hardcore games for Wii, and not even talk about a new system till 2012. Still to come are:

1. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
2. The Last Story
3. Xenoblade
4. Kirby's Dreamland
5. Pikmin 3
6. Pandora's Tower
7. Dragon Quest X
8. The Conduit 2
9. Rhythm Heaven, and
10.Earth Seeker

... But the Wii still needs some new titles like
1. Star Fox
2. Castlevania
3. F-Zero
4. Wave Race
5. Yoshi's Island 3

Also they should find a suitable way to celebrate Metroid and Legend of Zelda's 25th anniversaries as well as DK's 30th! Also, Fatal Frame IV is on its way. Nintendo shouldn't be too worried about sales now as much as capturing their core audience back as they're already the market leader. I hope Wii has a long life ahead of it :)
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Peaceful_Jelly  +   1687d ago
now that you mention it, where the hell is Dragon Quest X? I know that DQIX was just released last year but Square said that DQX was going to be for Wii since even before this gen started! Now we are near the "end" of the Wii life span and still no word of it.
kesvalk  +   1687d ago
@ Peaceful_jelly: prolly got canned, it's been what? 4 years since the annoucement?
Venox2008  +   1687d ago
you spoken my thoughts :) Good luck to Ninty and release a lot of games in 2011! :)
AWBrawler  +   1687d ago
Square reported that DQX will be shown sometime this year
kingdavid  +   1687d ago
DQX possible wii2 launch title?
2fk  +   1688d ago
i remember the good ol' days playin pikman it was epic
Shackdaddy836  +   1687d ago
Ya. Last gen was so much more magical than this gen. I want the creativity of last gen back :(
pedrami91  +   1687d ago
**Rumors from highly reliable sources below**
Mind telling us which highly reliable sources that might be ?

I could make a blog stating that a new Metroid, Smash Bros and SMG 3 game is in the works for Wii2 from highly, super duper reliable sources.
Smacktard  +   1687d ago
Uh... if they revealed who the sources are, they'd be harshly reprimanded by Nintendo. Use your brain, dude.
pedrami91  +   1687d ago
Doesn't change the fact that i could just as easily make up news.

Please, dont try to insult me through the Internet, it only makes you look bad.
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-Alpha  +   1687d ago
Yup! No proof, not a reliable site, and hence, we get websites labeling things as rumors and making flamebait news to get hits. They could have easily made this up.

Until we have more reliable evidence this does not deserve to be approved
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Smacktard  +   1687d ago
Say that next time, then. Don't beat around the bush. But still, we cannot expect sites to reveal the source of their rumors.
kesvalk  +   1687d ago
as i said on other of this articles, the rumor mill is running wild, too wild

next one will say that it will have a hologram projector on the controler and that it makes popcorn for you while you play...
LolololRumz  +   1687d ago
Well it's good to see them interested in a hardcore game developer like RS.

Now I hope Nintendo come up with a good name for this console, you immediately knew what direction they were going when they changed Revolution to Wii...
Kos-Mos  +   1687d ago
IS gta hardcore?
kesvalk  +   1687d ago
GTA is not hardcore, it only have blood, and that why kids love it so much...

but nah, it's very easy and casual...
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LolololRumz  +   1687d ago
I think you lost my meaning of 'hardcore'...Plus im talking about Rockstar in general, they make more games than GTA, and their target audience seems to be focused at hardcore gamers.

Sighh, people need to read a little more before they post...
Kos-Mos  +   1687d ago
Tell me what hardcore is then.
LolololRumz  +   1687d ago
I just did, I meant it in the form of they aim at hardcore gamers.
Kos-Mos  +   1687d ago
Hardcore gamers in your opinion is teens who do not know what depth is.
LolololRumz  +   1687d ago
I love how you're telling me my own opinion
Alos88  +   1687d ago
I don't believe Rockstar would ever work with Nintendo, from what I have heard they have very different development philosophies.
Theyellowflash30  +   1687d ago
They already did dude. GTA chinatown wars and Manhunt 2.
DOMination  +   1687d ago
Both failures I might add.
Valk  +   1687d ago
Oh man. Ozstar just owned you big time. Next time you want to talk it might to know what you are talking about. If 1.2 million is a failure most of the PS3/360 line up is also a failure.
ozstar  +   1687d ago

GTA:CTW DS - 1.2 million ww

MH2 Wii - .5 million, plus .5 million on PS2 and PSP(a big success on a console where most violent games had trouble clearing 300k)
And I believe Manhunt 2 was a disaster from the start anyway. They edited the graphic horror scenes, the publicity over the motion controls caused a lot of backlash and it wasn't advertised or promoted heavily.

Bully Wii - .5 million (sold more on 360, not surprising)

Rockstar Table Tennis - 1.2 million (sold half that on 360)
DNAbro  +   1687d ago
I could actually see Pikmin 3 being a launch title if it is real.
Smacktard  +   1687d ago
awh MAN. I was really looking forward to playing Pikmin 3 ASAP. Such an amazing franchise. Hope the move is for the better!
Lamarthedancer  +   1687d ago
I hope when the Nintendos next console comes out Luigis mansion 2 will be a launch game. That game deserves and sequel
tunaks1  +   1687d ago
these rumors are getting out of control,
people are talking about a rumored game coming to a rumored console. Seriously there has to be better news then this.
bigjclassic  +   1687d ago
I just want to see games now
the wait is getting ridiculous. I expect Pikmin 3, The Grinder and DQX to be Wii 2 games since they "are in development" for the Wii with no new updates in sight.

Plus add in CoD, BF:BC3, Madden and other 3rd party games we could get this sooner than later.
scissor_runner  +   1687d ago
Some one tell high voltage to stop and port conduit 2 to the hd manchine. The girder deserves it.

Also you do know all wii games are going to work on the new console on top of that nintendo could enable wii plus like games so you could use more ram or even better shaders. Would be cool.

Plus the thing is coming next year. Some weird reactions from you guys though.

This could mean even more ports for the wii also if a hybrid disk is used.
BlackIceJoe  +   1687d ago
I would not be surprised if this is true. Nintendo can always use more third party support & having RockStar on board can only bring great things to Nintendo's next console.

I think it would be cool to see Pikmin 3 as a launch game. So I that P3 does come out on the next system.
pcz  +   1687d ago
lmao i told you people so, but no.. call pcz crazy, call him a fool, call him an idiot.

i called this, i told you nintendo would move current projects to their future console, i told you so!


*i love being right, and lets face it- i always am.
pcz  +   1687d ago
ozstar  +   1687d ago
Bloody obvious mate, since Miyamoto has basically said nothing in the last 6 months about Wii games.
RockmanII7  +   1687d ago
Nintendo should wait for MS or Sony to announce their next console, then make one that can beat it.
NYC_Gamer  +   1687d ago
they cant afford to beat Sony/MS hardware wise.
amilio  +   1687d ago
am yes they can Microsoft and Sony isn't going to release a console anything. jeez kinect and move now came out why wud they do sum tin like dat. im seeing a next 4 years again for Xbox and PS3. both consoles is not maxed out yet. and for Nintendo glad there going back to the hardcore market im gonna get this no matter the price.
Panthers  +   1687d ago


That was painful to read.
Valk  +   1687d ago
@amilio, Stop worrying about games and worry bout English class. My God if my child couldnt write any better than that they wouldnt be allowed to own anything but an English book.
ozstar  +   1687d ago
I actually hoped, or expected, that Donkey Kong would lend itself best to HD graphics, of course that was before E3 last year, but having Pikmin, or F Zero, debut the Wii HD are great ideas anyway.
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meganick  +   1687d ago
Pikmin 3 alone pretty much guarantees I will get Nintendo's next console. I love me some Pikmin.
tweet75  +   1687d ago
i bet rockstar isnt crazy about working with nintendo based on how well chinatown wars did on the DS
Valk  +   1687d ago
They are mad about a million seller? LOL some people.. I am sure they are happier with the 500k it did on PSP though right dude?
Chevalier  +   1687d ago
You know I asked all my friends who own wii's for their honest opinions, would they support a new wii HD that's on the way and they all said the same thing I said "Nope I'm fine with what I got on my Wii, their's not much that I can't get on my 360/PS3 to get me to go buy my 3rd/4th system so soon"

I own my Wii/360/PS3 and honestly what could they offer that I couldn't already get on my current systems? Even if they did offer some awesome 3rd party games, I'd more than likely stick with my PS3/360 versions which all my friends will play with me since I'm invested in my achievements/trophies/DLC. So for me I'll say maybe later Nintendo.

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