Gears of War 3 Beta Gears of War 3 Beta Video - Full Match - TDM - Weapon/Map/Game Gameplay

As we were fortunate enough to be granted access into the press early Beta for Gears of War 3 - I will spend the weekend trying out the Beta and chainsawing Locust like there's no tomorrow.

Be sure to either keep checking back here or subscribe to our YouTube channel, as we'll be pumping out tons of videos throughout the Gears of War 3 Beta. We'll make sure we get a lot of videos up BEFORE it's available to general public, too. Thanks!

Gears of War 3 Beta Video

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simulationworld2798d ago

Looks good. Nice video. Would be nicer if it was 1080p

GamerEuphoria2798d ago

We'll take that into consideration for the next few videos that we're rendering. :)

Only problem is the time it takes, its about double the render time compared to 720p.

CommanderSheperd2798d ago

Honestly, it looks exactly like Gears 2. Graphics are a tiny bit sharper, but not a huge improvement. If they were to bring over a map from Gears 2, I really don't think anyone would be able to tell the difference. Looks alright to me.

HappyTrigger2798d ago

And Uncharted 3 looks exactly the same as Uncharted 2.....

Seriously man, quit trolling Gears 3 articles. Don't you have anything better to do?

CommanderSheperd2798d ago

I would love to know where exactly I said anything about Uncharted. Can you point that out for me? I may dislike Uncharted for all you know. Just because I don't like Gears of War, and said that part 3 isn't a big improvement, that means I must be a PS3 fanboy right? Grow the hell up man. Gears is nothing special whatsoever, and is only popular because its another mediocre shooter with blood and gore. It has horrible voice acting, a boring story, a messed up multiplayer, I could go on.

RSPproductionz2798d ago

no need to go on sheppard. you summed it up right there.

and i love how he says yeah well uncharted 3 is the exact same as 2. even if it was it would be still the best looking console game by far. killzone 2 wil be better looking than gears3. just look up lens of truths comparison between killzone 2 and gears2

InTheKnow2798d ago (Edited 2798d ago )

The kid has 4 comments to his new name and they are all the same. Gears is really making the haters angry. Your right Shepard. Gears looks like Gears 2 that looks like Gears 1 because they are ALL part of the same franchise.

I wouldn't expect you understand as it would require some form of intelligence.

@RsP, last I heard KZ3 had earth shattering 640p-340p special effects, you know, the stuff you guys keep bragging about. Must be because it's special. Btw, when did lens of truth become any thing to go by lol.

Omar912798d ago

Thank you "Intheknow" im glad some people here have brain cells. yes the game looks the same... why? because its a sequel. why would they change the game drastically when
1) it didnt need a drastic change in graphics
2) it has sold millions of copies... so you dont think they would stick with the same formula?

many developers do this. its called appealing to the audience. You may not like gears and i respect that, but dont come bashing it just because its not your type of game. whether you like it or not, gears is an amazing game. the multiplayer previously had issues, but this beta from the looks of it seems to run smoother and just looks much better.

Im done.. thanks :)

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omi25p2798d ago

The do look the same!!! apart from the fact gears 3 is brighter with more colour, smoother better details and vistas, But other than all the improvements they look the same.

Clarence2798d ago (Edited 2798d ago )

I agree with you it looks washed out, but I think it will look alot better than this. Its just a beta so the finished game should look a whole lot better.
This one looks a lot better watch in HD.