GamerNode | Can Portal 2 Ruin the Portal Universe?

Portal 2 is less than a week away, which is a little bit further away than it has any right to be. Valve releases are the fabled unbelievable phenomenon of our videogame-obsessed generation. Their actual dates are rarely definable, and they either take what seems like millennium (Half-Life 2: Episode 3, or possibly Half-Life 3), or they come sooner than we have any reasonable expectation to believe (Left 4 Dead 2). One thing that is always consistent, though, is the quality of the games. Valve creates some of the finest virtual experiences available to our greedy, jaded, videogame-absorbing minds.

The original Portal was phenomenal. It snuck its way into our culture by appearing as an extra in The Orange Box, and ended up being the most talked about game on a collection of quite literally some of the best games ever. To be able to set itself apart from Half-Life 2 and its follow-ups, and even overshadow Team Fortress 2 is not an accomplishment to be taken lightly.

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Riddicrash2796d ago

I can see where the writer is coming from, but I disagree, one of the points he made was if we knew more about Chell it would be difficult to put ourselves in her shoes, but I disagree that this is an issue, knowing nothing about a character, although you could argue that its easier to take control of them, but if I don't know anything I have this sort of feeling of, "Why bother", it wouldn't stop me playing a game, but more info as to what is going on, for me, is better.

italianbreadman2796d ago

I doubt Portal 2 can do anything BAD to the franchise

amlabella2796d ago

I can understand the concern, but I certainly don't feel Portal was like BioShock. One of the things that made BioShock so great was the excitement and mystery surrounding Rapture; Portal on the other hand was much more about the gameplay experience and sharp writing to me. Sure, the Aperture Science facility was creepy and I wanted to know more about that, but I didn't feel it added significant value to the game. So if Portal 2 wants to elaborate on those elements then that's fine with me. All I know is that if the game ends up being funny and the gameplay expands on the first game, I'll be happy.

TheAmericnDream2795d ago

Also, Portal 2 was made by the same guys that did the original Portal, so there's that , too. Bioshock was not the same case.

italianbreadman2795d ago

Yeah, it's tough when a new dev takes over a franchise.