(Armless Octopus) How to market your game, XBLIG style - Part 1

Author: Dave Voyles

During my brief tenure at Armless Octopus, I’ve come across my fair share of great titles, as well as others that aren’t so good. Some of these great titles end up not selling so well, meanwhile a lot of the poor titles sell like hot cakes (Perfect Massage, anyone?). There is nothing that breaks my heart more than to find a game with so much potential, and witness the developers pour their heart and soul into it, only to have it fall flat on its face due to poor marketing. I find that a large number of developers tend to have incredible programming or computer skills, but lack those in the field of social interaction. As an aside, Robert Boyd also did an excellent article on marketing your XBLIG on his Gamasutra blog.

I’m not saying you need to be oozing with the charisma of Ryan Seacrest, but there are a few key points every developer needs to know when promoting their title. We’d like to share some of the best marketing practices we’ve witnessed up to this point. In order to market your games successfully you need to be proactive, and not reactive, and here’s how:

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