[VVGtv] Minecraft NOT Suing FortressCraft

VVGtv reported allegations from DJ Keemstar, a seemingly reputable source that works right with the developer of ProjectorGames.

The source was unreliable, and it has been confirmed that Mojang is NOT suing ProjectorGames.

Minecraft is -not- suing FortressCraft.

VVGtv was misled by a rumor that was started by FortressCraft's very own DJ Keemstar. Apparently this was a scheme to stir up the press.

VVGtv apologizes for reporting an erroneous rumor that was believed to be news but was in fact false.

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Elven62796d ago

So, who is this DJ Keemstar relative to the project? I thought he was the programmer but found out later it was someone else.

LunaticBrandon2796d ago (Edited 2796d ago )

He's just some annoying asshole that picks on people not mentally capable of defending themselves on Xbox Live. He has a large following of 12 years olds.

RememberThe3572796d ago

Wow black ball them immediately.

HK62796d ago

DJ Keemstar is the "PR person" for FortressCraft... sadly.

Redgehammer2796d ago

I checked FC out, not really my kind of "game", but interesting.

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