Eight Games That Set New Graphical Benchmarks

No matter how much anyone tries to argue otherwise, graphics matter a lot. I’m not saying that they matter more than the gameplay here, no. That’s a topic for another, more controversial argument altogether. I’m just saying that the importance of a game’s graphics cannot be understated. After all, all our interaction with the game’s world and characters is facilitated by its graphics, and a good artstyle can make or break a game’s immersion, especially in those ones that rely on atmosphere a lot. Even in those ones that don’t, it is incredibly important to remember that our first impression of a video game is always made by how visually appealing a game looks- we are naturally predisposed and inclined to like a game which we find graphically attractive, and we are prejudiced towards those that fail to impress graphically from the get go.

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ps3bestever2801d ago

Uncharted 2 wins, Uncharted 3 FTW!!!

BeastlyRig2801d ago

The Witcher 2 set the rpg benchmark!

BF3 set the benchmark for everything!!

sonicsidewinder2801d ago

Wow. re-watching all that MGS2 footage still gives me spine shivers n goosebumps.

ian722801d ago

I remember playing 3D Monster Maze on a friends Sinclair ZX81 in the early 80's, (thats showing my age). At the time it looked great, ZX81 only played in black and white, not colour.
I can't believe how far games have come in so little time.

Ambivalent_2801d ago

Agree me if you noticed MGS1 footage in MGS2 description.

sasuke992801d ago (Edited 2801d ago )

Kingdom Under Fire 2: with its astonishing graphics the game has the most detailed character models ever!