Every Mortal Kombat fatality EVER

GamesRadar - We've been discussing Mortal Kombat all week, from its arcade history to elaborate examinations of individual characters. How do you end such a celebration? Why, with a 20 MINUTE video compiling every single finishing move the grisly series has served up since its inception in 1992. Many hours were spent performing these bastards, so please watch it 10 or 12 times.

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Jakev52532715d ago

Damn! thats a lot of violence

ELinktricTears2715d ago

some of those MK trilogy fatalities brought back memories.

2715d ago
Prototype2715d ago

I remember Ultimate and Trilogy having the reward to see all fatalities after beating the game, I'd watch em over the characters ending

CernaML2715d ago

Hahahah same here. I would always fly through tournament mode just to see them.

jnestor2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

At 20:48...Sindel doing her Hara-kiri (suicide)
....FUNNY AS HELL. Looks like something Will Sasso would do on a Kenny Rogers Jackass sketch!

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