Gamer's Corner: Is Diablo 3 Coming to Console?

Blizzard's famed RPG may be heading to console. Check out the comments by Blizzard CEO Mike Morhaine.

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snaz272795d ago

Say goodbye to the pc exclusive, why would devs want to cut out 100 million potential customers? It doesn't make much sense. I've said this to pc fanboys before. They bring up that pc has exclusives too, well they're dwindling fast!

macky3012795d ago (Edited 2795d ago )

Well that maybe true,...

But I simply cannot see myself playing Diablo on the console (what are they going to make a twin stick shooter like Lara croft or something?- that actually worked great)

I mean,.. It is possible to do it right,.. but Diablo may me a bit to complex for a controller scheme,..(It is possible to do it right though,.. DC universe works way better with a controller in my opinion,.. but it is designed way more action based,.. and it is kind of limited as a MMorpg,..)

I don't see them redesigning the entire game so late in the process,..

But it really might come to consoles later,. but they will handicap some aspects for sure (or just make it a bit different,.. hell it may even be more fun,.. but it will definitely be somewhat less complex because of control scheme )

Anyone has the Torchlight for xbox and PC? What did they do with that? (I am sure it is perfectly playable,.. but I am sure they simplified and took a lot of shit out)

@ Substance101,.. You might be right,.. but you will always have exclusives,.. Simply to differentiate the product with other means than price,..Plus people are forgetting that it costs money and manpower to develop for more systems,..

Substance1012795d ago (Edited 2795d ago )

Its a multiplatform trend. How many Exclusives has Sony lost to 360 and PC this gen?

I hear the next MGS will be on the PC and 360. Only games funded by Sony will remain exclusive. Check out the Xbox 360 it hardly has any exclusives, since Microsoft closed down most of its Studios. The way Sony is going it looks like they are closing down many of their studios too. Devs these days want to developer 1 game then cater to as many platform as possible.

The benefit of buying the game on PC:

Its cheaper, it runs better, offers mods, might have free dlcs and it sure will have better backward compatibility then a console ever can.

I personally have over 150 games on Steam and over 200 games from previously purchased boxed games over the years(its a collection from the last 15 odd years) no single console can provide that sort of BC and the ability to build a library like that.


Exactly look at the games that do go console:

Shooters: they need to be dumbed down with extra large crosshairs and aim assist, so people can actually aim with it.

Torch light is on Xbox is a very good example of a game getting dumbed down so it can actually work on controller.

Fred-G-Sanford2795d ago

I wouldn't care if every game was a multiplat, 60fps @ 1920x1080 is all the reason I need to continue gaming on a PC.

The fact that my (awesome) PC can do a million other things is just icing on the cake.

evrfighter2795d ago (Edited 2795d ago )

well something needs to take the place of guitar hero =\

what better way than to level cap everything for dlc?

i can see d3 hitting consoles.

WhiteNoise2795d ago

If by having more exclusive games than every other platform combined means dwindling, then yeah, PC gaming is in big trouble.....

I can't wait until it does come to console so I can laugh at people who would willingly pay $10 more for the gimped controls, half the res, half the frame rate, slowed down sim speed version of a game.

D3 PC or GTFO.

Persistantthug2795d ago

Dead Space 2, Dragon Age 2, Call Of Duty Black ops....

Those are games that were $60 at launch. isn't extremely hard to find launch day console sales for $50.

Awookie2795d ago (Edited 2795d ago )

Who cares if it goes multiplat? Just like Valve games are meant to be played on PC even more so is a game like Diablo.

Controllers don't cut it for quick movements

MidnytRain2795d ago (Edited 2795d ago )

Lol, man. You were just ready to start up an argument. You came to comment on PC development, not Diablo III. I personally do hope it comes to my PS3. I've heard many good things about it and could use a new RPG. If Blizzard does what DICE is doing and make the PC the lead platform, then no one has anything to worry about.

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Alos882795d ago

It all depends on whether Blizzard want to do it, or Activision force their hand.

Lirky2795d ago

If it comes to consoles.

Ps3 version will outsell 360 version...
Ps3 you pay 1 time fee of 59.99 for the disc and play forever online for free with the d3 community.

Xbox360 in order to play d3 online free u have to keep your xbl account active thru the subscription plan.

imvix2795d ago

You need to pay 60usd for both the PS3 and Xbox, PC version can be had much cheape and thats relevant for just about any game.

I currently have BF3 preordered for 40usd ;-) try beating that price on any console.

terrordactyl2795d ago

Not necessarily. Dragon Age 2 (another RPG) has been out on consoles for a month now and it's already half price. RPG's don't hold their price on concole like shooters do.

imvix2795d ago (Edited 2795d ago )

Thats because DA 2 sold very badly, people didnt like the game so the price fell. The game was rushed due to pressure from EA.

Usually games dont fall in price on console.

Edit: Dragon age 2 is still at 55usd for consoles on amazon, so i dont know where you are getting 50% price. i can currently pick up the PC version for 30usd though.

DanSolo2795d ago

@ Lirky

That really does not make a difference to sales though....

The only time that makes a difference is when people are buying the console and it may be a factor in their decision.... I know when I got a PS3 I like the fact that there is free online which means I can happily not use it for months and not feel like I am losing money.

But sales of console and games have proven that people will buy it for 360 as they are ALREADY paying for Live so it is not like it will be an extra cost.

I prefer the PS3, but both consoles are good and have their plus and minus points... facts are facts and the whole console war thing is just a pointless and moronic way to spend energy.

And really.... who cares which version sells more?

That is something only the console manufacturers and games devs should spend time thinking about.....
As a gamer the only time it should even vaguely matter is if sales are sooo bad that they are gona stop making games for your console of choice!

KotC2795d ago

Most Diablo fans are in the US so saying PS3 will sell more than 360 is a bit of a strech.

No_Pantaloons2795d ago

I bet it will go to consoles. From what I've heard about it pc gamers are already up in arms so I believe that's the general direction they've been heading. They wont pass up free money, so it makes sense. I wasn't a fan so I don't really care either way.

Mikeyy2795d ago (Edited 2795d ago )

The controls will probably be miserable for the console versions.

I just don't see how it would work. All my Blizzard games stay on PC, one of the few developers left that believe in Quality.

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