GT Academy - Last Call Trailer

Sony and Nissan released the Last Call Trailer from the GT Academy. Time Races open until tomorrow.

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morganfell2797d ago

Just received my free DLC from Sony for participating in GT Academy. I hope they renew the competition again this year as it was seriously intense competition unlike anything in a shooter or other game type.

soundslike2797d ago

Can't wait to see them go at it for real, the last season (which is free on GTTV in GT5 if you didn't know) was really entertaining.

...and now the last winner has qualified for the real Le Mans 24hr...

That's a lot of expectations for these guys to live up to.

Redempteur2797d ago

the GT academy is surely one of the fierciest and harshest competition for gamers ..but the winners has such a great opportunity ...

i hope the next competition will be as intense as this one