Adventure Time has ruined Gears of War 3

Destructoid - Earlier today, I posted my beta impressions of Gears of War 3. While I did my best to give you all the important news, I withheld one bit of vital information, deciding it was so important it deserved a full news post.

Adventure Time has ruined Gears of War 3.

We all know that John DiMaggio, the voice of Marcus Fenix, also plays Bender in Futurama. For some reason, I never found that a problem. DiMaggio is especially talented in that he can make similarly gruff, grizzly voices sound different from each other. As such, I never really heard Bender in Marcus, or Marcus in Bender.

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Chaostar2803d ago

John DiMaggio is in all sorts of cartoons, games etc. He is a very good voice artist and while his different roles will obviously sound somewhat familiar, he brings something different to each and every one. I especially enjoyed his role as Aquaman in Batman Brave and the Bold, OUTRAGEOUS!

To say this little quibble ruins a great game is just low, tabloid level, exaggeration in its most blatant form. Hit mongering on this level degrades your site as a whole, Destructoid.

FACTUAL evidence2803d ago

It seems as if gears of wars theme has went more in an uncharted direction...well cliffy was really amazed by uc2 so I'm not surprised.

Anyways, who really cares about the voice? I know it's not that bad. It's still going to sell millions.

VictoriousB132802d ago

If you had actually read the whole article, you would know this was a joke article more than anything else. Do you just comment your opinion based on the headline or are you just stupid?

Chaostar2802d ago (Edited 2802d ago )

Easy fella, joke or not it's an obvious flaimbait title.

PS I did read the 'article' all eight sentences.

Raven_Nomad2803d ago

I never even heard of that show...I knew he was Bender though, which just makes him even more bad ass.

Belasco2803d ago

The writer should really refrain from having his photo online, yeesh.

vikingland12802d ago (Edited 2802d ago )

never mind ha I reversed the title

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