8 Mortal Kombat Characters That Are Goofy Even by Mortal Kombat Standards

Topless Robot: "Gore aside, the other distinguishing feature for the series is that, unlike most pother fighting games, MK features a bizarre ensemble of ninjas, wizards, cyborgs, movie stars, shape-shifters, and guys with bladed hats. Set in the mystical realm of the Outworld, absolutely anything goes, including winged vampire temptresses, cyborgs infested with human souls, and even enormous four-armed tiger-men that resemble some kind of bizarre furry-crossover; also, babies.

Although story is to fighting games what bacon is to cheesecake (unnecessary but delicious!) Mortal Kombat features a bizarrely thorough and ridiculous amount of explanation for the entirety of its strange and diverse characters (one can spend a bewildering afternoon working through the Mortal Kombat Wiki to discover that their favorite character was actually Goro's primary school teacher, or some such nonsense). Here are eight of the silliest across the series (ignoring the one-appearance nobodies that no one remembers or cares about)."

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2803d ago
Dsnyder2803d ago

Mileena gives me a pretty solid erection.

Jamaicangmr2803d ago

I'd hit it i'll take my chances. :D

zeal0us2802d ago

@Dsnyder until u see whats under the mask then your hit with extreme shrinkage
I would too with bag over her head or something that could hide her teeth/mouth.

Captain Qwark 92803d ago

Moloch didn't belong its true he looked like something a first grader would come up with blaze is gay, just very generic and again looked like he was designed by a 12 year old. meat is cool if you know his back story and at least make him look like more than just a skelaton with mucles but the worst is by far the vampire chick nitara or some shit like that lets keep vampires in the twilight franchise. Smoke fits well as does reptile and Stryker doesn't fit because of his lack of supernatural anything but he is still so bad ass

TheMutator2803d ago

Mortal Kombat 9 Stryker and Kabal my tag team character!!!!!!!!!!!!

warrior99882803d ago

strykers clown outfit loool