The Top Ten Best Video Games That Were Commercial Failures

Joystick Division: Game popularity is hardly an indicator of quality. It has been said that 10% of video game titles make up 90% of the industry's gross revenue, but many of those best-sellers land among the gaming elite because of celebrity endorsements, multi-million dollar marketing campaigns, and simple name recognition, and not because they are remarkable gaming experiences.

And throughout history, many notable games have failed to meet expectations commercially, but have blown away critics and the fans who work hard to discover them. This is a tribute to those games. We've researched sales figures and matched them against their critical reception, as well as our own personal opinions. And despite the video game industry's notoriously poor accounting and publishing of budgets and revenues, we feel that these games are irrefutably underachievers, despite being brilliant entries in the long canon of video games.

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Venox20082797d ago

very great list .. :/ sad about game devs, games were and are masterpieces ... especially Psychonauts, BG&E, Okami,Eternal darkness, REZ, Killer 7 ..didn't play others...

they need to be re-released again in HD so devs could bring more gamers and release sequels! :)