Halo-in-Church Controversy Points Out Flaw in ESRB Rating System

From the New York Times on down, newspapers and bloggers - including GamePolitics - have had a field day recently with the news that some Christian youth ministers are using Microsoft's best-selling Halo series to attract teens to church.

The major point of contention for critics seems to be that, since the Halo games are rated M (17 and older) by the ESRB, they are inappropriate for use by church youth groups.

According to, the problem with that logic is that the M rating encompasses too wide a variety of games, including some military shooters as well as other titles with clear good vs. evil themes, like Halo.

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TheHater4081d ago

This is just sad. Why the hell are Churches using a game to attract youth to church. Isn't that a sin or something?

BloodySinner4081d ago

Because no one cares about going to Church?

socomnick4081d ago

Heh I rather they be playing halo 3 than molesting the kids.

AdolfBinBush4081d ago

don't blame Christianity for sick acts committed by sick people who happen to work for the church.

kid molestation happens every where, sick people are every where.

Wii60PS3DSPSP4081d ago

I'm going to hell for killing video game people!

tplarkin74081d ago

It should be rated Teen. It's cartoonish violence.

MrWeymes4081d ago

need to stop buying their children M rated games. It's as simple as that. Children have a hard time seperating fiction from reality. I should have never played Resident Evil when I was like 10. It scared the crap out of me. lol Parents need to stop giving into their kids whining about how they want to play Gears of War and Halo 3. I love video games as much as anyone else, and when I was under the age of 18, I wanted to play M rated games, too, and I did, but it probably wasn't the best idea. And I really think stores should start carrying games that are rated Adults Only. How are they different than an R rated movie?

jaja14344081d ago

First let me say that in no way do I think kids should be playing games like GTA.

Now moving on, I just don't know about todays youth. It might sound a bit harsh to say that they are weaker, but I'll go with that. I think that to many parents through lack of time/caring have babied their kids into thinking the world is easy. I see so many kids being unable to cope with just the basic realities of life(maintaining a job even if you hate it/dealing with people you dislike, exc.) I just think its sad. Especially the whole Emo. thing, I mean really, shut the hell up and realize this is how the world works. No one gives a damm about your self loathing.

To the extent of this article, well all I can say is that when I was 13 and whatnot I played M rated games, though grated they were not quite as violent back then, and I LOVED scary movies. Now skip forward to this day and I'm not mentally unstable, I have no desire to go out and shoot someone, except my finical aid officer who decided 1 full year of school is only going to cost 12k...idiot. But off subject.

So I honestly don't know what the problem is anymore or how the youth of America got this way. But I don't think games are to blame...

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