Duke Nukem: Glorious Bastard comic announced

Appearing in a comic book for the first time, Duke Nukem is back, bigger and badder than ever.

Everyone who was into action gun games knows about Duke Nukem, and Duke Nukem is not letting anyone or anything stand in his way as he makes his way through the comic world.

Written by Tom Waltz (The A-Team: Shotgun Wedding), Duke Nukem: Glorious Bastard will be a fantastic series, with all the game's trademark humor and over-the-top violence.

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CoogansMuff2804d ago

I saw [email protected] in the headline and my first thought was Bobby Kotick.

I love my comics and this definitely shows promise as i am a fan of Tom Waltz.

kuroukage2804d ago

All aboard the Duke Nukem hype train. Next stop: Comic Book Land.