What could Project Cafe look like?

Nice overview of design choices Nintendo might pursue with Project Cafe. As well as patent images of past Nintendo products in order to gain more insight into future Nintendo design choices.

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Product2796d ago

Would be interesting if Nintendo went a more expensive looking route with their design. The controllers on the other hand need to remain ergonomic, and if these rumors are to be true, I have no clue how they could even be lightweight let alone be comfortable or inexpensive.

iamnsuperman2796d ago

This is the worrying thing controllers need to be lightweight and also cheap. I trust nintendo know a way to make it cheap and light but usually cheap light touch screens are of poor quality which nintendo tend to produce the oposite of this. It doesnt seem to add up. In reality solid built things of good quality are often heavier and also expensive

BeckyLikesChocolate2796d ago

i like the design in the top right corner as long as its well ventilated. i say do an upgrade of the gamecube's controller without the 6 inch touchscreen.

AWBrawler2795d ago

i imagine the controller itself will be like the wii remote one they showed, and it will fit in a case to make a psuedo Dreamcast VMU type approach. either that or it'll be something like an ipod.

in fact the ipod design makes the most sense considering that it needs to be able to stream games and take with you. so it'll be an ipod like thing with a shell

BeckyLikesChocolate2795d ago

not sure what you mean by shell exactly, but if all the buttons are in the touchscreen then they wont be pressure sensitive. that would be going backwards

AWBrawler2795d ago

by shell, imean a case that you put it in that has buttons and analogs like what is shown in the article

Droid Control2796d ago

I'm more interested in the specs. If its weaker than the PS3 count me out.

SkyCrawler2796d ago

i knew these article were coming lol but it never hurts to speculate

RevXM2796d ago

Who cares what it looks like?
Well it shouldnt be ugly, but its just a cover of what is inside. thats what matters the most.
Design should be clean and the flow of air through the system should allow whats inside to stay cool.

Looks is just a good bonus.
I can ignore some plastic, but Ill love a proper finnish, good lines and smart solutions to its external design.

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