Driver 5 coming Next March?

This game was only announced for the ps3 so far two years ago. This might be a possible release date for Driver 5

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Ahmadinejad4052d ago

completely lost intrest after the 2nd one, really couldnt care less anymore. so stupid of them to release it close to GTA IV if they wanna sell any

Mr VideoGames4052d ago

i Owned a Copy of Driver 3 for PS2 and it had top notch Graphics but it was fuc*ing boring as Sh*t and im not sure why the Developers keep deciding to make these Games

ktr4052d ago

Hopefully under UBIsoft's hands, they can make something out of the driver. Last 2 drivers really sucked.

MK_Red4052d ago

Agreed an hope so. Driver 3 was worse than terrible and 4 was meh. Hope they revive this classic series (Loved PSone ones).

ktr4052d ago

They shouldn't have focused on guns and that out of car experience.

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The story is too old to be commented.