Portal 2 Drops to $34.99 for the PC

Check out the new low price for Portal 2 on the PC. Valve is practically giving it away.

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captain-obvious2624d ago (Edited 2624d ago )

man i love PC gaming
one of the best decisions i recently made in my gaming life was getting a gaming PC

i mean the game is already cheaper than alot of console games that came out few months back

and i bet its a better games than those games that cost more on consoles

cakeisalie2624d ago (Edited 2624d ago )

Console gaming is expensive man, Once you consider how much extra you pay on the games.

The 300usd initial price tag is just deluding the people to later on pay more on everything.

I am sure a month later portal 2 will be up on same Steam discount, thats how PC gaming works.

I personally bought L4D 2 few weeks after launch for about 36usd, that just doesnt happen with console games.

ct032624d ago

<<The 300usd initial price tag is just deluding the people to later on pay more on everything.>>

Yes, that's why consoles are usually sold at a loss for several years. You sucker them in, so that you can then sell them expensive games, DLC, peripherals, hard drives, online accounts etc.

Pandamobile2625d ago

Too bad the game's getting released early on Steam :v

hassi942624d ago

At this rate doesn't look like it tbh!

hassi942624d ago

Even that's no big deal - and it's monday late night for me so virtually makes no difference.

Not trying to troll or anything, I love steam for loads of other things like recent sales; I purchased a game today in fact. But this early release seems to have been made too difficult - it's almost not worth it. I guess it'll get more Potato Packs purchased so more money to indie devs though...

blitz0x2624d ago

Um. Did I miss it? Looks like 44 bucks to me..

Agent-862624d ago (Edited 2624d ago )

You must have clicked on the wrong link; works fine for me. It is the Amazon/Portal link at the end. A really good deal compared to $54 for the console versions.

For a direct link:

distorted_reality2624d ago

Lower price is through Amazon, normal price still applies on Steam.

Tilian2624d ago

Well, I plan on getting it for free once I buy the PS3 version.

BeastlyRig2624d ago (Edited 2624d ago )

nah I still not the best deal!

for your price I could buy a copy for my friend to play with me!

kramun2624d ago

The pc version is definitely the best deal going.

radphil2624d ago

Until the sale disappears.

hassi942624d ago

35*2 = 70

70 != 55

Your maths is a little flawed.

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