More Than Two Hours Of Socom 4 Gameplay

DP: Yesterday was a great. Our Socom 4 stream went swell and we covered over two hours of Socom 4's campaign. The video is rough cut directly from Justin TV where we may have had a few hiccups here and there, but overall it's smooth along with some commentary.

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ShadyDevil2774d ago

No matter what the reviews say really looking forward to this title.

boogey1572774d ago

I am also looking forward to the multiplayer. Played many hours in the beta

Pixel_Pusher2774d ago

Damn this game is fucking beast. I can't wait to get my copy!

rezzah2773d ago

Yea, I raised my level to 9 and I doubt the information will transfer over.

Jdub895O2774d ago

yeah same here.I have to admit this game i had more fun then killzone 3.Hell i even put more hours into the beta then killzone 3 full game lol

PS360PCROCKS2774d ago

Gotta agree. I liked KZ2 and gameflyed it and I played it til the end and god bored and gave up. I bought KZ3 and played it til a point towards the end and haven't played it in weeks. I played the beta more than the full release. I really like Killzone, but it doesn't have that "OMG" moment that catches your attention to keep going like a gears, uncharted kind of game does.

rezzah2773d ago

Personally I think KZ2 has the better MP before people went psycho on it and demanded it to be changed into what it is now.

Jdub895O2774d ago

fareal right.Socom games are labeled sometimes as socrack it keeps you playing for hours.I miss that ya know, and what happened to the story lines of these games they are garbage.Guess what im playing?....oblivion.I still lose track of time in that game.I remember when i had a friend come over he stayed over and slept in the living room.I woke up at 7am he was playing oblivion the whole time.He said "i forgot what good games felt like".Sorry i just need that feeling to get lost in a game again.

soljah2774d ago

playing now, servers not up yet
having a blast in campaign
oh and the game is gorgeous looking
uc2 quality in parts. well done zipper

ArchangelMike2773d ago

Watching the clips of the singlepayer campaign brought images of U2 to mind.

ArchangelMike2773d ago

I'm officially done with Reviews. SOCOM4 day 1 for me!!! You know you're hooked when you keep trying to log on to the beta servers desperately hoping that it'll let you in. :3(

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