Wii 2 Dissecting the Project Cafe Controller Rumors

The Internet was set ablaze this week when the first wave of reports regarding Nintendo's next-generation console, the Wii 2, hit the web. First reported by Game Informer, and later confirmed by IGN's own sources, the console, which has been code named Project Cafe will match or surpass the processing power of the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 and support a new controller that combines a traditional dual-analog design with an integrated touchscreen display.

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RedPawn2801d ago

As long as the controller comforms to my hands then let's go, and man if it looks anything like that, that'll be bonkers.

iamnsuperman2801d ago

"Though certainly a possibility, the costs associated with integrating a HD display into the design suggest that the true resolution may be lower"......I am expecting that its been exaggerated. The cost is going to astronomical for full HD touch screen 6inch LCD screen will supposedly PS3/better graphics. It seams to good to be true

Shang-Long2801d ago

anyone looking forward to this??
i really am.

Noble Spartan2801d ago (Edited 2801d ago )

That looks horrendous lol well that is just some mock up. But hopefully the real one is sweet with nice display fitted onto the controller! BTW GC did somthing similar like this Zelda Four Swords on Gamecube you can connect GBA OR SP into the ports and see maps and items on the GBA screens. Also when you went inside dungeons you had to change your view and look at the SP screen.

RedPawn2801d ago

Thanks, I actually skipped 4 swords.

btk2801d ago

Could be quite cool. You can have Map display on your controller for fps, status updates.
With touch screen it could be interesting. NGP type controls?

sinncross2801d ago

Theory sounds cool.. but who is really going to always look down at their controller for other info? If during an action scene it could be difficult and you might as well just hit the menu button for said info.

I think the Wii2 could be very cool, but im nto sure what applicaibility a screen on the controller is going to do for it beyond playing the game on that device. But even then, its a controller: not a handheld which could make the entire setup pricey.

But we'll see at E3

-Alpha2801d ago (Edited 2801d ago )

I think it's a very cool idea and its got me excited

If it breaks away like the VMU we can have minigames.

It could allow for some interesting touch screen gameplay, for example, using a stylus to plan a football playstyle, use pinching for resizing things...well, I don't have many ideas, but the devs surely will and I'm confident that Nintendo has some good ideas with it. Gotta give it to them for always making more interesting choices. I hope there's more to it, but like you said, E3 will reveal all

firetaw2801d ago

what could be cool is utilizing a 3ds as a wii 2 controller.

flyingmunky2801d ago

I was thinking about the same sort of thing but with the ngp and the ps3. It would be pretty neat.

It would have to have some other cool aspect to it to make it worthwhile though, because once the analogs on the unit wore out you would have to buy a new ngp. That would cost alot more that just another dualshock 3.

telekineticmantis2801d ago (Edited 2801d ago )

of the next Xbox and Playststion having a touchscreen, so if its true problem may be solved

Lekumkee2801d ago

LMAO! no chance in hell is Nintendo going to add a screen that nice. Nintendo is notoriously cheap even cheaper then Microsoft.

No_Pantaloons2801d ago

Looks like a more modern dreamcast controller. Bigger color screen and such. But really it gets too far from the wii design so I doubt they'll go that route. They need to maintain their family oriented feel, to keep the sheep munching.

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