Latest Dynamic Themes - Killzone 3

Helghast + ISA dynamic themes only on the japanese PSN

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Joni-Ice2651d ago (Edited 2651d ago )


kx112651d ago

it's not fake watch it again , the music was the only thing edited

inveni02651d ago

I like that, but I'm committed to my U3 dynamic theme until 11-1-11.

kx112651d ago

something like 300yen

Infamous22651d ago

I love the night time visual

Dark_Helmet2651d ago

thats badass, I might have to make a jpn account

DangerTick2651d ago

Why did they use Killzone 2 music for showing off Killzone 3 themes? :|

PirosThe4th2650d ago

Because the music is just as EPIC!!

Dogs_PinoyPOOD2650d ago

it doesnt matter, the music is still from the Killzone universe

Mc Fadge2651d ago (Edited 2651d ago )

Best dynamic theme I've seen so far.

Rhythmattic2650d ago

As for the person that disagreed with Mc Fadge , what is better ? Because ill download that too !!

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The story is too old to be commented.