IGN: Battlefield Play4Free Review

IGN: "As an entirely free game, Battlefield Play4Free looks great on paper. It takes three classic Battlefield 2 maps, each with a very different dynamic, and applies some of the Bad Company structure. There are 4 "loadouts" which essentially function as classes -- Medic can revive and heal teammates, Engineer specializes in blowing up and repairing vehicles, Recon can detect enemies in the area or snipe them from afar, and the Assault unit is an all-rounder.

Each map feels more suited to one particular loadout. Karkand, with its emphasis on vehicular combat, is well suited to the Engineer. It's a map full of sidestreets and climbable buildings, with wide avenues for tanks and APCs to storm in and lay claim to the land. The dust makes sniping across long distances difficult."

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BiggCMan2799d ago

Ahh you beat me to it by 10 minutes :P I was just about to post this myself. Anyways, from what I've seen, this looks like a lot of fun, I read the whole review, and to me a 6 seems low. I haven't played it yet though so I can't say for sure.

BakedGoods2799d ago

...and IGN are fanboys.

Battlefield Play4Free is a new and interesting way to engage casual gamers. IGN has proved time and time again they are unable to review videogames not only as an art, but as progressive entertainment (see PS3 reviews).

I personally would prefer to buy Battlefield games at retail, but I know many gamers who enjoy a couple hours a week--maybe even a month, that would prefer the economic style of pay-to-play titles. In that sense, Battlefield is a great example. It literally plays like all the other BF games minus the depth and graphics. The gameplay's there, why aren't the review scores?

MidnytRain2798d ago

A person who can only afford two hours a month probably wouldn't be reading a review on a gaming website. This doesn't affect them.

cool cole2799d ago

>Implying I care about the score of a free game
>They think I won't play it anyways

electricshadow2799d ago

>implying this is /v/
>trying to green text

cool cole2799d ago

>Being mad about greentexting

Shackdaddy8362799d ago (Edited 2799d ago )

A free game deserves more than a 6 just because it's free...

Impression/how much you pay = score

Impression/0 = infinity.

The score is infinity...

MidnytRain2798d ago (Edited 2798d ago )

A score shouldn't be raised just because it's free. Speaking away from Battlefield, if a game was really horrible, as in broken and difficult in every sense of the word, the overall score shouldn't be boosted up two or three points just because it's free; that's misleading. If you think a game is bad, give it a bad score; if you think it's good, give it a good score. Some people have download limits, I believe, so they may not want to use even a little bit up on a game that everyone tells them is busted, but put a juiced up score because it didn't cost anything. For example:

Busted controls + glitches galore + choppy sound, framerate, graphics + confusing/complex interface + free =/= should not equal 6 or 7/10.

Like bwazy below me said, it would probably be best to get BF2 for ten dollars than play a free version that's missing a ton of things. It would cost you more than that in the long run just to get the "premium" items in P4F anyways.

bwazy2799d ago

Buying Battlefield 2 for 10 bucks > Free online varient.

ATiElite2799d ago

been playing since the Closed Beta and it's a combo of BF2 and BC2 but with med/low graphics. The best free shooter on the Internet hands down. So far all review sites have low-balled this game but i would give it a 82/100. it's fun, it's well made, and it has the Battlefield/Bad Company feel to it plus it's FREE.

It does have some issues but it's still in beta. you can spend a little bit of cash to upgrade uniform or weapons but even not spending a dime you are still competitive and can unlock other weapons.

Sure BF2 is $10 and the community is very large but if you have NEVER played BF2 then you will get GANGED RAPED and not have fun so I suggest you play BFp4F to get familiar with BF2 somewhat before stepping up to the Pros who like myself have been playing BF2 since 2005.