Five Hot Hatches We’d Like to See in Forza 4

The Forza Motorsport series has an impressive array of licensed cars to drive, with vehicles from across the world numbering in the hundreds. Even better, the production cars are fully upgradeable with many real life parts. Hot Hatches play a big role in Forza. They’re the entry point, gradually building up to the supercars. The young male audience commonly playing Forza is also the demographic most likely driving Hot Hatches in real life: It’s fun customizing an in-game version of your real life car and taking on a Ferrari.

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NJShadow2801d ago

I'm reading this while I'm playing Gran Turismo 5, heh. Not trying to come off as a jerk or anything, just thought that was kind of funny. =P

kaveti66162801d ago

GT5 must not be a very fun game if you still feel the urge to surf the web while playing it.

NJShadow2801d ago

It's called B-Spec mode, something Forza probably won't offer. =)

HappyTrigger2801d ago

Ding ding ding! Jerk status achieved!

Congrats. Now get out of here...

earbus2801d ago

Well you came off as a jerk regardless im reading this thinking youre a troll hey it works fo the rest on here ,forza im waiting for you my darling.

level 3602801d ago

Even though you owned a Mrk.3 Golf that is not particularly not the best.. I'd much rather have the original mid-70's Mrks.1 Golf GTI and/or Scirocco in the game.

I haven't seen Opels included in any game whatsoever, I'd really like to see them put a Group B Manta 400R sometime..

..actually bring in a lot of classics that "real people" actually bought in those times like the Ford Escort Mexico, Ford/Mercury Capri, Toyota Celica of the 70's etc.

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