Buy BioWare's Wares for Japan Relief

Joystiq: "BioWare games are all about binary moral choices, but you don't have to choose between self-serving behavior and "Paragon" style heroism in real life -- all you need is a ton of money. The developer is auctioning a few custom Dragon Age 2-themed PS3 and Xbox 360 systems, plus a bunch of Mass Effect hoodies signed by BioWare founders Greg Zeschuk and Ray Muzyka."

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Shuklar2797d ago

If they actually did this with DA2 sales, I wouldn't have felt so ripped off.

Reibooi2797d ago

hmmm I'm kinda surprised Bioware is doing this considering all they do is bash J-RPG's to make themselves look better(Hey I love Mass Effect but they need to just let the games do the talking and keep their mouths shut)

Good on them for doing some relief effort.

Vherostar2797d ago

they should do some DLC and donate some of the income from it and some copies of the game signed. Oh and include EU :p