World Snooker Championship Real 2011 Review * Brutal Gamer*

Brutal Gamer writes:

Picture this: You are in the Crucible theatre in Sheffield and you’re in the final frame of the snooker world championship, it’s a black ball game. You walk around the table accessing your options, you look at the crowd and then bring your concentration back to the shot at hand. You get into position, this shot will win you snooker immortality so you move your arm back. Then your mum walks in and tells you to turn that games console off. This is the level of realism that World Snooker Championship (WSC) Real 2011 brings. I know what your thinking why play a snooker/pool game when you can play in real life? Simply put its fun, sometimes you don’t want to go out in the rain to a smoke filled snooker hall. With WSC 2011 you can sit back relax and enjoy a good snooker/pool sim.

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