Smartphone Platforms Continue to Grab Share of Portable Gaming Market

Last December, we reported on survey results showing that users of portable games are increasingly defecting from dedicated devices such as the Nintendo DS and Sony PSP to smartphones such as the iPhone.

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Mikeyy2716d ago

The cellphone simply lacks the controls neccesary to replace the PSP or DS.

Aarix2716d ago

But doesn't make them any less fun

RememberThe3572716d ago

Of course it is. The 3DS just came out and before that the PSP was running on fumes and the DS wasn't getting more popular. I have a feeling that with both the NGP and the 3DS on the market on the market that trend will change.

Close_Second2716d ago

All depends. Has the audience changed? Have the masses moved onto an all purpose device and not one that is about games.

mickross1232716d ago

Who would turn down games like Uncharted, Resistance, Kojima's production and many other great games for mini games ?
Don't get me wrong I quite enjoy Angry Birds and PvZ but i have already started to stop playing them and i just got my Iphone about 2 weeks ago.

UberFaqs2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

I think IPhone is for Casual gamers

VampiricDragon_2716d ago

thats only game sales. not system market share.