How old is "too old" for gaming?

Gaming Irresponsibly's Frank Moricz writes: "...I got to thinking about the subject of gamers such as myself, and how easily dismissed we may be among the younger generation..."

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MultiConsoleGamer2798d ago

You're never too old for gaming. Just like you're never too old for movies, books, music and TV.

Warprincess1162798d ago

If you are 60 years old and you're still playing games. I find that a bit odd.

Yi-Long2798d ago

... instead of limiting yourself because others might think you're 'too old'.

So watch the stuff you want to watch, listen to the music you enjoy listening to, watch the TV shows and cartoons which are entertaining to YOU, and just be a gamer if you enjoy gaming.

It's very simple.

labaronx2798d ago (Edited 2798d ago )

with grown kids id assume youd have a lot of time on your hand,

gaming like all forms of media have no age limit, i know a 72 year old man who still reads xmen comics

i personally expect to be playing video games when i retire from medicine 35 years from now

better them than golfing everyday

guitarded772798d ago (Edited 2798d ago )

James Best (Rosco P Coltrane of Dukes of Hazard) is an avid PC gamer and he's 84 I think. So yeah, if you love it, you're never too old and anyone who says otherwise should mind their business.

Dsnyder2798d ago

Old people should not play video games.

Christopher2798d ago

***If you are 60 years old and you're still playing games. I find that a bit odd.***

20-30 years from now, this won't be in any way odd. Tons of us 30-something gamers are going to be in our 60s, nearing or at retirement, and looking for things to do in our downtime.

AAACE52798d ago (Edited 2798d ago )

Gaming is a hobby, just like fishing, hunting or almost anything else for that matter! As long as you find enjoyment, you should keep playing!

Because Gaming started out being marketed to kids, it has the "FOR KIDS" tag attached to it. When in reality the industry has been shaping itself up to encompass many different types of gamers.

It's a hobby! It provides experiences that we cannot get in real life!

Most people have dreamed of becoming an all pro athlete, but for some reason or another, weren't able to make it. They play the sports games. Some have wanted to be soldiers but are too young or can't enlist. So they play shooters.

There are many different reasons people play games, you can't be closed minded when making a judgment on "WHY" people do what they do.

Chess was a game meant for Kings, yet people play it everyday! Is there anything wrong with that?

Nate-Dog2797d ago

I met a guy over a game of PES2011 on PSN who's 50, oldest person I ever met in a game before that was in their 30's at best. Never too old just as MCG said, gaming is for everyone that gets a kick out of it.

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kreate2798d ago

ur too old for gaming when ur wife tells u ur too old for gaming.

so u should go find urself a gamer girl so this doesnt happen.

Kyur4ThePain2798d ago

Jesus, did you find a bubble sale somewhere?

AlienFodder2798d ago (Edited 2798d ago )

@ kreate: That's called being p**sy whipped. And LOL @ Kyur4ThePain! :) One bubble for you.

kreate2798d ago (Edited 2798d ago )


most americans are pussy whipped.
we like to hide it but in reality, we do what our wife saids or we not getting laid tonight. or the next night. until we give in.

the best thing to say to ur wife is "ok" and move on...

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rabidpancakeburglar2798d ago

115. At that age I'd imagine it would hurt my eyes

agentxk2798d ago

I am going to play until I can no longer do so!

tdogchristy902798d ago

You're too old when the video games outweigh your responsibilities at home. Most gamers game cause they have the time to (ie highschool and college years). When you start playing games when you should be working, paying car bills, feeding the kids, ect then you're too old. When leisure activities get in the way of adult responsibilities, that's when you're too old for something.

iDotDotDot2798d ago

Ah but if you're that busy you can always be a handheld gamer on the fly, no real commitment but you still get to enjoy playing games.

mastiffchild2798d ago

Nah, tdog, you're just talking about people who can't prioritise. It's WAY more important to me that my kids are well fed and taken care of than anything else but that doesn't mean I shouldn't game any more and I'd never allow gaming to be the top priority, or any leisure activity, in my life anyway.

I'm often, these days, gaming with the kids or the missus or as a family as well as everything else I NEED to do to look after my tribe-having gaming gives us something to do together even when the weather's crappy-and living in England AND in the rainy Lakes we NEED something like that.

Whatever, there's no reason AT ALL you should EVER feel you're getting "too old" as long as you can still play and understand the games of the day-and why would anyone want you to stop either. Seems like a non point. People have sex in their later, later year so why wouldn't, or shouldn't they game too? I want burying with a controller and my handhelds-in case there's a pad shortage in hell/heaven whatever odd afterlife actually exists(not that I believe in ANY religion but, y'know, just in case there's SOMETHING or someone who'll let us game beyond the grave.

tdogchristy902798d ago

That's what I'm saying, like most activities age isn't and shouldn't be the issue, Proper management and prioritizing is!

LOLconsoles2798d ago

You don't stop having fun because you get old, you get old because you stop having fun.

agentxk2798d ago

This sounds silly to say, but as a grown adult, my own mother is still an avid gamer. She is over 50 and still calls me to tell me about Minecraft

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