Xenoblade Chronicles out September says Voice Actor

A voice actor working on Nintendo's upcoming RPG Xenoblade Chronicles has outed a possible release date for the game.

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LoaMcLoa2650d ago

Same month as Gears 3, eh?


Kos-Mos2649d ago

I will play this game 50 times before I even look at the cover to gears.
This game is for the intelligent people who wants depth.
If you think gears is a competitor you shouldn`t play this game because you obviously don`t know what depth is.
Gears=teen game.

LoaMcLoa2649d ago

So I can't like both? :I Riiight...

Kos-Mos2649d ago

I don`t thinks so, no.

rockleex2649d ago

Darn Sony for not getting Monolith. >_<

maniac762649d ago

im going to finally get a wii for this game and the last story

eagle212649d ago

nice, and you have plenty more modern classics to choose from on all your games will most likely be BC with "project cafe". :)

TheDivine2649d ago

Finally, this and the last story are the only recent good jrpgs. Damn MS for ditching mistwalker. I really wanted to see cry on it sounded amazing.

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