PAX Launches New Event (PAX DEV) No Fans or Press Allowed!!

RipTen: Do you make games? Do you want to hang out with other people that make games without being bothered by all those pesky fans and reporters!? Well PAX has got the event for you!!

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CrzyFooL2620d ago

I'm gonna sneak in and yell NERDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kee2620d ago

And this will benefit who exactly? I mean, isn't it just a restricted, geeky party? They can't make announcements because there's no press, so why do we even need to know about this?

Reborn2620d ago

Its also a chance for maybe other developers to acquire some new talent, share thoughts etc. Which isn't a bad thing.

Invadersims2620d ago

Seems like a good idea. Probably won't be hyped very much but could be good for Devs

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