Rockstar Games Weekend Sales On Steam - Get Up To 70% Off

Steam really are doing everything in their power to get every hard earned penny you have - with the recent 2K Games Sales and now daily Rockstar Games Collections on sale over the weekend.

Friday's deals include Bully: Scholarship Edition and both Max Payne games available all for 75% off.

Steam and Rockstar Games are also offering up to 3 lucky gamers per day the chance to the entire Rockstar Games Catalog, that's every Rockstar Game available to purchase through Steam to date!

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fluffydelusions2804d ago (Edited 2804d ago )

So tempted to pick them up but I'm not sure how much I will play them given both MK and Portal 2 coming out this week and then Brink, LA Noire, and whatever else in May. I already have a huge steam backlog and already played these games a while ago lol.

nikebee2804d ago (Edited 2804d ago )

The Max Payne games are definitely worth the money.

Considering Bully is that cheap, it might be worth picking up. I'm not sure how well the Steam edition is, but the 360 version was horrifically buggy - but it was good fun while it lasted.

BeastlyRig2804d ago (Edited 2804d ago )

yes I can feel it!! It's obvious just like when 2kgames put bioshock on sale!

Gta4 might happen the last day of the sale though..

Complete pack with dlc for $10? im in!!

just_looken2804d ago

dont buy gta4 and the dlc the pc versions are a horrible port.

peowpeow2804d ago

Not horrible enough to deter me from buying it for $10!

HardCover2804d ago

LOL just_looken! You're living in the past. Rockstar patched GTA IV on PC quite a long time ago.

I bought the Complete Edition for $10 during the Holiday Sale. You'd be a fool to pass that up based on bug reports on an earlier version of the software.

Only pass it up if you don't want to log into Steam, GFWL, and Rockstar Social Club every time you want to play (unless you mod)

Ducky2804d ago (Edited 2804d ago )

^ I've just decided to stick with an offline GFWL profile.

RockstarClub and Steam don't bother me as much.
I'd cope with GFWL if they didn't have such a rage-inducing method of updating games.

Oh... and you'll also have to go through a 30gig download for the GTA4+DLC pack.

just_looken2803d ago

go 2 any gta forums after 7 patch's 9 including dlc the game still has pages of issues. i own gtaiv pc its a fn mess the framerate drops alone are a epicfail.ps3 version the best version

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BeastlyRig2804d ago

Thank valve for sucking up my income!! Less than 10% of it anyway..