The Nintendo Wii 2 Rumors: True Or False? We Weigh In.

GameBlurb writes, "For the past day or so the net has been ablaze on the rumors of the Nintendo Wii’s successor. While there hasn’t been any official announcements from Nintendo HQ (and probably won’t until closer to E3) the sheer amount of “details” all foreshadow a looming announcement. So we decided to weigh in on the rumors."

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fluffydelusions2655d ago

The biggest questions on everyones mind seems to be the controller and hardware specs.

Shackdaddy8362655d ago (Edited 2655d ago )

I wish they would make it more like a gamecube2 or N128. GC and N64 were so much funner for me than the wii.

Plus they will need to make a new character.

junk3d2655d ago

The tablet controller sounds like a dumb idea.

Oldman1002655d ago

Can't wait till the Nintendo Vuu is revealed.

Kiroe2655d ago

As long as I can sit on my ass to play the games I'll be happy. No more waggle, wiggle, motion gaming or sensors please.

fluffydelusions2655d ago

Given the success of the Wii I don't think motion controls will be going away.

ChickeyCantor2655d ago

Yes, everytime i move my arm, my legs automatically jump up...

thekillerchrist2655d ago

I get the feeling 01net claims are going to turn out to be true but I hope they're not because they're not quite the generational leap I would expect. The touch screen controller doesn't sound too great either unless there's some element of tactility under its sleeve.

Shok2655d ago

The controller has all of the face buttons and even dual analogue, it's not just one giant screen, like a tablet or somethin.

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The story is too old to be commented.