Naming Nintendo's Next System

Like it or not, the next Nintendo system is going to carry the Wii moniker.

Nick DiMola of PixlBit explains why.

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Shok2800d ago

I see what you're sayin, but it's definitely not gonna be called Wii HD. Why? Because Nintendo isn't going to make HD, AKA, graphics, the Wii 2's selling point. Nintendo isn't big on flaunting amazing graphics anymore, and there's already 2 HD consoles out on the market. Bragging about HD would just seem silly.

fluffydelusions2800d ago

I agree totally. The main selling point will be this new controller I suspect.

Dark_Charizard2799d ago (Edited 2799d ago )

Wii is the spiritual successor to NES, so I'd say name the next system SUPER WII with the launch title SUPER WII SPORTS! :P

I mean they can't have SUPER MARIO WII.. cuz Mario's already SUPER ;)

Warprincess1162800d ago

I disagree with you. Nintendo will be stupid to pass up on HD graphics. They got away with it last gen because people were still used to SD and HD was new but now it not acceptable. They have to go HD because if it doesn't. It gonna fail.

Shok2800d ago

Er, I think you completely missed what I was saying. I was simply saying that it won't be called Wii HD. I didn't say that the system WONT HAVE HD, I just said that they won't make HD it's selling point....

Oldman1002800d ago

I shall name it the Nintendo Viewcon/Vuu

For the ability to view the game on the controller screen.

xtreampro_REVENGE!2800d ago

Just watch how everyone falls for the same trap AGAIN!

Kos-Mos2799d ago

Probably better to fall for all generic fps out there without depth.

bestofthebest2799d ago

Its so easy the new name will be SUPER WII

PooEgg2799d ago

Super Wii just sounds wrong for so many reasons. ; )

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The story is too old to be commented.