Maybe Games Do Need Multiplayer?

"It’s the same thing every time a game is announced to have multiplayer which previously didn’t; to be frank, it’s getting a bit tedious, and a bit boring. My first problem with this whole “it doesn’t need multiplayer” is the word “need”; saying video games doesn’t “need” something cannot further from the truth. Please, think for a second, what does a video game actually “need”? Well, go on, think about it: does it need multiplayer? No. Does it need singleplayer? No. Does it “need” some sort of Heads Up Display? Not at all. What about something which you can see on the screen? Well, no, it doesn’t. There is only one thing that a video game needs to be a video game and not a film or a picture or music: a way to interact with it. The point I’m making is that by saying a video games doesn’t “need” something you prove nothing as, in fact, a video game on requires user interaction."- The Stoned Sheep

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maxcavsm2803d ago

I get what they're saying, but it's getting annoying to hear that Mass Effect 3 will be getting multiplayer...

TheStonedSheep2803d ago

Well that's a point I made; putting multiplayer in a game like ME3 is pointless because it has such a strong singleplayer.

rabidpancakeburglar2803d ago

Games don't need multiplayer but it's always a good extra unless it lessens the quality of the single player

TheStonedSheep2803d ago

Ahhh! It the word "need" it burns!

My main point was that adding in multiplayer would take away from SP, but the extra hours of play time created would be far greater than if those resources were spent on SP.