Sony Ericsson gives Xperia owners access to boot loader, but doesn't recommend it.

In short, this means users can now load custom ROMs, tweak the Android OS, and generally hack around with Xperia handsets such as Play, neo, Pro or Arc with little hassle, though the company takes no responsibility for the performance of the handset should they decide to do so.

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Emilio_Estevez2798d ago

Kinda crazy, never would have thought they would do that.

Warprincess1162798d ago

The only reason Sony is going after the hackers is because of piracy. If the hack only allowed Homebrew.I doubt Sony would care but it doesn't. This shows that Sony is nice enough and accepting of the homebrew community. I wonder what Loserhot has to say about this.

Oxymoron0282798d ago

Geohot already fucked up on this one anyway. He said he was going to Jailbreak the Xperia Play. But you see the thing is, Xperia Play uses the Android OS... also known as an open source operation system, meaning there is no need to jail break it.

joeorc2798d ago (Edited 2798d ago )

yupper's, an before anyone try's to claim this was because of the Hack's that Sony is undergoing by hacker's right now...ummm no, well before this "Sony is anti-consumer hacking non-sense was even started".

Sony is part of the open handset alliance, they are one of it's founder's, but yet people still think Sony is draconian when it comes to software there is some thing's companies do not want to go open source, some hacker's seem to think all of it need's to go.

While Open source is great, it should be upto the person's or companies that create the software it should be their choice. just like Some are saying you should have the right to hack your Game console , the people creating the Software should have the right to say if or when their software goes open source.

that's not much to ask.

DragonKnight2798d ago

Smart move. Now when the hackers try to claim that they hack the Xperia (I'm shortening it to Xplay like the show) Play for homebrew they'll be shown to be liars and are doing it for piracy, as the avenue for homebrew is legitimately included in the Xplay. This just goes to show that Sony have no issue with homebrew, it's piracy and cheating they have an issue with.

Let's see how fast "the scene" can back peddle now.

TBONEJF2798d ago

THat's right if you break your SHT manufacture won't cover any defects from boot loaders or ROOTING.

theEx1Le2798d ago (Edited 2798d ago )

But its not technically rooting, just enables the ability to root. Most people will use this to get rid of the bloat that service providers jam the phone full of, one thing i hate about contract phones.

jay22798d ago

Sounds intresting, I'm SIM free/factory unlock and purched out rigt, since this is ligal, and I wouldn't hack it, might do some investigating.

joeorc2797d ago

we get disagrees but yet the people who disagree are not saying why, they disagree. Come on if your going to disagree at least say why, other than that your just being a little bitter it seems.

notice that this thread post's something very positive about a company, but yet there is none of the anti posting in this thread, because this is a step in being pro hacking, but yet many still like to claim that a certain company is not pro hacking.

I mean which is it?

Is it because this news does not show a company you dislike in a bad light?

an that certain hacker groups like to tout that A CERTAIN COMPANY IS STEPPING ON CONSUMER'S RIGHTS?

for people saying this forum is one sided in support of a single company an N4G is over run by their fanboys this proves otherwise i think.