Mortal Kombat Round Table | CheatCC

CheatCC says - Well, everyone, we only have four days left before Mortal Kombat 9, the grand revival of the Mortal Kombat series, hits store shelves. Although lots of information is known to us, such as the final roster, control scheme, and first round of DLC characters, there's still plenty about the game we don't know, even this close to its release date. Luckily, Netherealm Studios was nice enough to invite us to a round table discussion about the game a few days ago. Everyone in attendance was allowed to ask any three questions to a panel of developers including lead designer John Edwards, lead designer Paulo Garcia, designer Brian Le Baron, lead graphics engineer Jon Greenberg, senior producer Hans Low, senior producer Adam Urbano, producer Hector Sanchez, and user interface art lead Karen Silverstein. It was like getting three wishes from a very bloody genie, except there were NDAs and embargo dates involved. This is what we talked about.

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