Portal 2 review scores 94 and an Editor’s Choice award in PC Gamer

Though the review is not yet posted online, the game has received a mark of 94% from PC gamer. Look for the full review online when the game is released.

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undercovrr2626d ago

Definitely getting this game!

jony_dols2626d ago

The first Portal was an excellent game. But it was definitely still a bit overrated.

Portal 2 however looks amazing.

Stephen Merchant alone makes it a worthwhile purchase!

*re watches the Extras episode where he's rubbing one out over the 'naked woman pen'.*

genocidegeneral2152626d ago

whats that episode called mate?
lol sorry but i love that episode xD

jony_dols2626d ago

Season 2, Episode 6: Jonathan Ross

The Tip N Strip pen!

egidem2626d ago

It's precisely the opposite. People overlooked this game, it was UNDERrated.

kevnb2626d ago

honestly, im sure the game is great but I dont give a **** what pc gamer or any other website says anymore... and its been a really long time since I did. Heck I remember nintendo power giving final fantasy 2 on snes a low score lol.

fluffydelusions2626d ago

Ah, I remember those days long before the Internet was popular and you had to rely on magazines for walkthroughs, cheats etc lol.

a_bro2626d ago

yea, those were the days when legit journalists were reviewing games in an honest to god view.

NoobJobz2626d ago

Not at all suprised by the good review.

Kran2626d ago

Im expecting this game to get 10/10 ;P

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