Call of Duty vs. Battlefield: Eight Reasons Why EA Might Have a Shot

Call of Duty is Activision's biggest franchise... in fact, it's the biggest AAA gaming franchise in the world right now. Call of Duty: Black Ops sold 12 million copies in the U.S. alone in 2010, easily passing $1 billion in worldwide sales. Competing directly with the franchise seems to be like scavenging for scraps rather than hunting for a full meal at this point.

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fluffydelusions2797d ago

Nothing beats COD in sale...gameplay is a different story however and that IMO is where BF wins.

Agent-862797d ago

True, but I didn't like this statement from the #8 reason: "The Battlefield series has never approached Call of Duty's level of graphical fidelity... until now." That is just not true. When BF2 came out, it was way better looking than COD1 or 2 and it took quite a PC to run it in it's day. I also thought BFBC2 was better looking than either MW2 or BlackOps. I just don't see how they can make a statement like that. DICE and the BF series have always pushed the envelope on graphics, sound and gameplay. BF3 will do it again and be leaps above the next COD.

undercovrr2797d ago

Agreed, BFBC2 was better looking than all the COD games out, and BF2 was also better looking than COD2. Author is clearly a COD fanboy by how the article is even written. Ex: "MW2 may have set the bar too high", "Eight reasons why EA 'might' have a shot", and on.

Poor article IMO

naruto3442797d ago

I agree, I dont think a game no time soon will blow blacks ops out in sales but gameplay wise bf3 definitely blows any COD out period!

donniebaseball2797d ago

I do think Battlefield 3 is going to do very well this fall, and that is likely to eat away from CoD a bit, but odds are CoD will still sell tons more.

movements2797d ago

Ah, I'm tired of COD.. Need something new.

Raven_Nomad2797d ago

People keep saying BF3 will win in game play, but how do you judge opinion?

To some people perhaps it might, but I doubt it beats the game play to the COD Loyalists.

In terms of sales and scores the nod will most certainly go with COD.

Dice should just make BF3 a P.C. only game, since that is the version they are putting the effort into.

ATiElite2797d ago

I totally agree with you. BF3 should remain a PC exclusive. Most consolers do not like the Core game play of BF. COD and it's easy to play mechanics are popular with the console crowd so therefore BF3 should stay a PC exclusive.

undercovrr2797d ago

Your reasoning for Battlefield 3 to stay a pc exclusive is illogical. "most consolers do not like the core gameplay of Bf". What is that based on? I played Battlefield BC2 and it is my favourite FPS since Halo CE, and I had it on ps3. Maybe most young boys ages 8-17 don't like BF because they like to run and gun, but that doesn't mean that the more mature crowd prefers COD. And no, COD is not easy to play despite what you may think. I consider myself to be very good at Battlefield BC2 on ps3 but when i played COD I sucked. why? because I'm not used to the lightning fast reflexes required to play.

Plus by having BF3 on all platforms, everyone can be happy, and performance will not be affected for your precious PC version

ATiElite2797d ago

@ undercovrr

Sorry but you might just suck at COD! I can play that game blindfolded and be very effective. Actually i think I have once already. Anyway with my 10mb Internet speed and COD first shot first kill no skill required format, it's way too easy. Not too mention the load out hacks, camping for killstreaks, then the UAV at the spawn point for more unfair advantages. the game is just broken and easy.

Battlefield requires aim and precision because the guns have significant recoil not too mention that explosions actually affect your aim. The Paper, rock, Scissor format provides complete balance to the game along with no auto aim, no regenerating health, dedicated servers provide equal ping plus many other skill requiring features.

sure BF3 will be purchased by consolers but not on the level of COD because BF is NOT for casuals also the PC version is how BF is meant to be played anyway.

undercovrr2797d ago

"People keep saying BF3 will win in game play, but how do you judge opinion? "

That sentence, while true in a way, is still false. Opinions definitely CAN be judged provided they are far from the actual truth. Ex: A Range Rover is more reliable than a Toyota Corolla, or 'I think Battlefield 2 graphics are the best to date'.

My point is that Battlefield fans can safetly place their trust in DICE because of their amazing games. Look at BC2, it was a huge improvement over BC1 when compared to COD MW2 and COD BO

ATiElite2797d ago

I think because some gamers are starting to realize that they bought the same game 3 times for $60 each and nothing really changed. COD has shit game play. sure opinions may differ and those that enjoy the casual/arcade experience of COD will not like the Core style of BF.

comparing one game to another when they are easily different is NO GOOD which is why i hate the COD vs. BF threads. they are getting old and even more stupid.

Battlefield has vehicles and is based on large scale warfare while COD has NO vehicles and is based on run n gun.

Call of Duty vs. Halo is a better comparision.

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