Attaching 9-Volt battery to head can boost gaming performance

Scientists at the University of New Mexico have discovered that delivering 2 milliamps of electricity (from a 9 volt battery) to a person’s scalp can actually boost gaming performance by about twice that of those receiving about one-twentieth of the power.

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jidery2740d ago

Before i tried this product my kill/death ratio was 0.9, after I did this it went up 2.6 in just 1 week, this product really works!

Stevo912740d ago

MLG banned this method

kaveti66162740d ago

Maybe it's a placebo.

Believing that the increase in electric conduction will help may have caused increased brainwaves from within your cortical neurons.

No doubt increased electrical conduction can mean faster neural reaction, but unless its concentrated to the parietal lobes or your cerebellum, you're not going to have increased spatial awareness and better hand movement to control your player.

a_bro2740d ago (Edited 2740d ago )

GTFO no way!

Pixel_Pusher2740d ago (Edited 2740d ago )


now try it with a car battery. O_O

Christopher2740d ago (Edited 2740d ago )

This sounds about as useful as those magnet bracelets they sell on TV after midnight.

kaveti6616 is pretty much spot on, these tend to act as placebos, wherein the person's belief in them and how that affects them on a emotional and thereby physical way is what really improves/heals them.

P.S. I just use my lucky rabbit's foot, I went from a 3.2 KD ration to 12.6 almost immediately ;)

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ATiElite2740d ago

The Brains does work off of electrical currents and by eating the right foods your brains produces better electricity.

Now just juicing the brain artificially also works cause scientist know how to "jolt" certain parts of the brain to make you move your arms, legs, lips, eyes, ect.. They also know which brain waves are for certain functions. This is all true and it's why those with disabilities can control wheelchairs and computers via brainwaves.

So suppling the brain with an extra supply of electricity is like adding a turbo charger to a car for better performance.

I may try it with a car battery next time I play Arma II (love that game but i'm not that good). :)

*disclaimer* the car battery was a joke!! don't do it.

cannon88002740d ago

Someone is going to die because of this... you'll see.

Brewski0072740d ago

15 days too late for april fools!

Speed-Racer2740d ago (Edited 2740d ago )

lol not really. the whole technique behind it all has been around for awhile, mostly in the medical field, plus it's not like you're doing a frankenstein type operation, you dont even feel a 9 volt on your body :P

Brewski0072740d ago

lol i'll take your word for it, just sounds so strange haha. I never heard of it but must look it up as it'd probably make for interesting reading :)

Speed-Racer2740d ago

It is! :P I am tempted to try it out ... xD

Dart892740d ago

Or to you're tongue xDDD.

dry_ice2740d ago

I'll bet you get similar performance gains by attaching the electrodes to a gamers nuts.

Speed-Racer2740d ago

Would you like to test it out first and send us the results?

dry_ice2740d ago

Only if you'll hold my hand.

Speed-Racer2740d ago

Haha nice try BUT we have to be an independent party to fairly analyze the results.

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