ShockCast Episode 60 – “Valve Inadvertently Mocks the PS3 And It’s User Base”

DS writes, "It’s been one long road but we’ve finally hit episode 60 and with it we bring one hell of a show. We’re joined by the usual cast of characters as well as a special guest from, editor Bags Hooper. For this week’s first main topics we discuss the “ex-blizzard” employee shake-up, and whether or not we think his claims are real. We then move onto some juicy Nintendo next-gen console news. That’s followed by us discussing how Valve will mock Sony’s PS3 and it’s user base if they pull off cross platform voice chat when the game ships next week especially when the PS3 hasn't been able to implement this functionality on it's own. And to close things out we talk about what the NGP needs to do to pull off a bigger and better launch than the 3DS. All that as well as the week in news, make sure to give this episode a listen!

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