Battlefield 3 Weapons List

Latest news regarding Battlefield 3 confirmed three different weapons although there have been a tons of talk and rumors about the weapons that will be available in the game. Although some people from community claim that they know the actual weapon list, other strongly believe that the rumored weapons belong to the common ones.

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Dart892799d ago

Man i loved the M249 saw in COD4 if this list is real then i know what my favorite gun is going to be.

vekixd2799d ago

Snipers / Launchers and C4 ;)

Killzone3___2799d ago (Edited 2799d ago )


Hazmat132799d ago

why cant they use a G36E but the MG36 will do i guess.

BiggCMan2799d ago

Don't really understand the point of giving us a list. It's pretty much the same guns in every single military shooter out there. Still, its looking really great so far, I hope they don't half ass the console versions just to make PC gamers happy. They should put 100% effort in all versions.

ATiElite2799d ago

No! they should put 110% effort into the PC version then half ass the console versions so that way consolers would understand how PC gamers feel......thus coming together as a whole and letting Devs know that quality needs to be across all platforms.

MW2, Blops, Homefront, MOH, dead space, Mass effect 2, dead space 2, bulletstorm, Crysis2, bloodrayne, and many many more games that are blatant 360 versions ported to the PC.

Hell at one point I wished Microsoft would just sale PC Gamers a 360 Emulator for $99 and allow us to buy 360 games for $20 bucks instead of getting those dam HORRIBLE ports.

Ducky2798d ago (Edited 2798d ago )

I'm surprised by the lack of XM8s. I'd expect that puppy to be everywhere.

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The story is too old to be commented.