Could the Xbox 720 be around the corner?

With news buzzing around the internet about the possibility of Nintendo releasing a Wii 2, one has to wonder if Microsoft has any plans to release an "Xbox 720" in the next few years as well? With a console that is quickly becoming obsolete, this move would fall in line with previous marketing tactics used by Microsoft and make perfect sense.

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fluffydelusions2798d ago

Sure in the next few years..probably 2013. Rumor says the new Wii won't launch till late 2012 so still quite some time.

THC CELL2798d ago

Nope and ps4 better not be as well

rebirthofcaos2798d ago

ps4 no, since sony wants to focus with the NGP.

Godmars2902798d ago

And if the NGP proves to be a success, or at least has a decent development model, the PS4 will be based on it.

Pretty sure that the next gen will be a refinement of this one. Will be what this one should have been if it had come a year or two later like it should have.

hennessey862798d ago

do you not think even the ps3 is showing its age, look at killzone 3, you can clearly see where they cut corners and with gt5 it has screen tearing, bad jaggies flickering shadows, the ps3 is struggling aswell.

fluffydelusions2798d ago (Edited 2798d ago )

Well both consoles have obviously aged but it doesn't mean there cannot be good games on them. This year alone has tons of great games that to me look remarkably awesome. I don't mind that they don't look as good as they would on PC. They look good enough and I'm more concerned about gameplay.

Droid Control2798d ago

I hope it gets announced this E3 for a 2012 release

LOLOLFFSA2798d ago

Hopefully not yet :/ Almost finished paying my new 360 slim.. More games please!

Xander7562798d ago

Well just cuz a new generation starts doesn't mean the 360 instantly becomes crap. After all, the PS2 is STILL a great console.

theonlylolking2798d ago

"Although the Xbox 360 may still seem like a great machine today,"

WOAH! Slow it down there. The 360 has yet to reach uncharted 2 graphics so it aint a great machine anymore. The PS3 is also not that great anymore either tech wise.

Not to be on the hate train but Pc gamers are correct when they say consoles are holding them back. PC's should have had BF3 graphics awhile ago instead of just now(excluding crysis).

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