Legoland Family Vacation

How does Legoland fit in with video games? Well, if you didn't already know, the Legos brand has a full suite of video games, and they are on display at Legoland. You can play the Kinect, Lego Rock Band and all the Star Wars Lego games you want. Here's the full review of the Legoland Amusement Park.

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RyanDJ2799d ago

The Lego games are fascinatingly fun for the young crowd, and tolerable to play for us older people with them. I didn't even know this existed, and now wish I lived closer. Neat diversion from the regular topics.

JimmyJames702799d ago

Yeah, it's something to check out!

bustercube2798d ago

Man I love taking thhe niece and nephew to LegoLand, and the best part is the build your own racecar station.