Resistance 3 New Screens Released

New screens from Resistance 3.

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theonlylolking2804d ago

These are just pics from the new video released.

FACTUAL evidence2804d ago

One of my fav shooters. I seriously shouldn't have watched that BF3 trailer...that makes these graph...ok imma end it there...R3 still day1!

Fishy Fingers2804d ago (Edited 2804d ago )

Screen grabs from an already released video dont make "new screenshots".

Also, what a poor layout, thumbnail *click* another thumbnail *click* screenshot *click back* thumbnail *click back* I think you get the idea.

Poor submission really.

shwiggity2804d ago

Agreed 100%

this site has such garbage content and it's clearly just to get hits

gameseveryday2804d ago

this game is going to be awesome!I already love the look of this game. I can remember how much of a good game resistance 2 was and i'm sure they have made this game a whole lot better.

Oldman1002804d ago

Gamingbolt strikes again with another screencapped video gallery.